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We the teens, in order to form a righteous generation, raise our voice in one accord to set the direction for this generation...

- When so many leaders of our society refuse to lead in truth,
- When those who sell us goods do so solely for their own financial gain, despite the toll their "goods" might take on us,
- When those who have shaped our society often hold no moral compass through which to guide us into the future,
- When the majority with celebrity influence take no responsibility for their position as role models and influencers,
- When honesty and truth are scorned and manipulated by many of leaders in high offices and integrity is regarded as weakness,
- When character is mocked by the media and our leaders are afraid to take a moral stand because it might be unpopular,
- When rebellion is the norm and seen as a right to be demanded.
- When corruption in society threatens the very foundation upon which it was built.

It is necessary for us, as teens, to redefine our society and lay claim to our right to bring truth to our generation.
We take it upon ourselves to rise up and call our generation to a higher standard.

A standard:

- not built by polls, but on principle,
- not based on what feels good, but on what is good,
- not built on what is cool, but on what is correct,
- not built on what is convenient, but on character,
- not based on what is easy, but on what is excellent,
- not built on what is popular, but on what is prudent,
- not built on what everyone else thinks, but on what God thinks,
- not built on Hollywood, but on honor.

We, as a young generation, assert our right to set the pace for our own generation. We refuse to be led by those who are morally bankrupt.

With this in mind, we commit to shape our society and world accordingly:

- 1. We will live with Honor, making the most honorable decision, even when we could try to justify less than honorable behavior.
- 2. We will be Honest and tell the truth in matters large and small, even when it is hard, and even when it hurts.
- 3. We will take Responsibility for our actions and not look to government, schools, or other authorities to justify our wrong decisions. We will take responsibility for our mistakes.
- 4. We will commit to have Families where both parents are present; our word will be our bond at the altar.
- 5. We will commit to love Purity. We will not be seduced by the world's idea of sex and love. We will save our body and hearts for the one we will marry.
- 6. We will find the Purpose for that which we were created, so we can live our lives to the fullest potential.
- 7. We will see through the lie of Drugs and Alcohol, and refuse to let any chemical influence our thinking and destroy our lives.
- 8. We will Respect the authorities God has placed in our lives, even though some may have character that we do not admire. We realize that all authority comes from God. We refuse to subvert our parents or other authority figures.
- 9. We will work Relentlessly to ensure that Every Person in our generation has the opportunity to hear about a relationship with God in a way that they can understand.
- 10. We will care about the rest of the world. We Refuse to be absorbed with ourselves and our own comforts, but determine to find our place in reaching the world.
In signing, we as young people, commit to life a life that exemplifies these standards as we lead our generation to high moral ground.

As adults, we sign to express our commitment to stand with the youth as they lead their generation to the highest standard of Honor.

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