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sanitry napkin,baby diaper,adult diaper,toilet paper

Xiamen Yuxiang Sanitary Ind.Co.Ltd is a professional manufacturer of women's, children's and adult's sanitary products. Such as sanitary napkins,panty liner,baby diaper,adult diaper,wet wipes,toilet paper,face tussues,apertured film,sanitary napkin making machine,etc.

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chinese granite

Yuxiang company is a leading granite and marble manufacturer in China. With advanced machines and instruments, and many years' experience in worldwide business field, we specialize in manufacturing various types of natural stones, providing our customers with a full line of elegant stone products.
We can supply various types of granite arc slab,
granite baluster,

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ceramic tile

Yuxiang Ceramic Tile Ind.Co is one of the leading professional ceramic tile manufacturers in China. Our main products include:
ceramic floor tile,
bathroom wall tile,

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marble granite tile

Yuxiang StoneMaker supply include: stone blocks,granite countertops, granite tile,granite slab,marble tile,marble slab,slate tile,slate stone,gravestones, stone sculptures, Japanese-style tombstones, fireplaces,marble pillars,granite tables, counter and vanity tops, carvings and statues, stone lanterns, cobblestones ,pavement stone, and so on

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granite tile

stone & ceramics





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