The trip so far


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The trip so far

I am in Bangkok now... not able to key in Chinese from the computer here.
It's great to be able to just jot down a few lines during the trip. I should call it instantaneous thoughts.
Loved the three days in Singapore. It's all about catching up with friends. I often think of Singapore as my third home after Shanghai and Vancouver. Got to try the real local hawker food there. It's amazing to be able to line up and try food at local HDB community centers. Finally had a chance to taste the authentic Gado-Gado and Rojar, oh... and my favorite lasak and satay noodles! Someone even bought me Bulubangang and Ungor Guai (not entirely sure about the spelling but anyways...)
Bangkok hit me with its humidity and tourist traps. Long story to tell but I don't really like it. The city is hot, congested and untidy... however it offers probably the most freedom for tourists... in many sense.
Got to go... say hi to all my friends in Vancouver.
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