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When a man is out of love---which is more frequent than he is in it---he tends to be often witty and humorous. He can always perceive the female world with a grain of friendly cynicism. He could make negative comments on almost any aspects of the feminine life: cosmetic surgery, slimming efforts, fashion, motherhood, in-laws and so on, without any fear of hurting somebody's feeling.

However, love is such a good tamer of one's animal instinct. The cynicism is replaced by sincerity, seriousness; the wording becomes polished and slippery; the heart is filled with warmth, caring, passion and poetry that there is hardly any more room for humor or wit. The sharp tongue will stammer,  the cynical eyes will glow with dreamy gentleness, and the hearty laughter will become silly grins. 

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Oh Moriah Carey---my butterfly!

Moriah Carey is back.
Mariah is amongst the leading nominees with 8 Grammy Award nominations in the following categories:
Album of the Year - The Emancipation of Mimi

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Not everybody has the luck as Wei Hui( 卫慧)or Jiu Dan(九丹) who could claim they are writing with their bodies (that must be quite an acrobatic work!). For most of us who do not have a heavenly body might have to make do with our diluted brain cells. I have found out a short cut to achieve overnight fame and popularity as a net writer. Being a selfless guy I would like to share with you a few key elements:

1. Equipped yourself with the following tools:

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I am unemployed, because I consider myself overqualified to be an employee, yet underqualified to be a boss. So there was an absolute majority votes with only one objection(me) in the family to pass a motion that I be appointed to the positon of an Househusband. With considerable degree of reluctance I nevertheless had to assume this unpleasant task, lamenting secretly that my happy days are over.

  The first pleasure I had to sacrifice is the comfortable stay in bed. At 7 a.m. sharp three alarm clocks set off the siren simultaneously from different directions, all out of the reach of my arms. I buried myself in the mountain of pillows yet my ears were still pierced by the relentless ringing of the clocks. I had no choice but to crawl out of the bed and tumble into the kitchen to prepare breakfast.

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A man’s facial hair is like the lawn of a house.
What the landscaping of the lawn does to the added value of the property the beard does to the handsomeness of a man.
Growing a beard seems to be quite trendy lately. Look at the male celebrities: Enrique, Marc Anthony, George Michael, Prince, Bocceli, …. And you will find their faces are all extremely bushy.

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Unlike those well-publicized heroes/heroines who have shown the world how courageous they are at the final hours of their lives, I, being a naturally-born coward(I hate to admit that, but, hey, honesty is the best policy, right?), has this inherent, haunting fear for death.

Death is not a stranger to us. Everyday we have witnessed, through our eyes and ears, the cessation of lives everywhere, be it natural deaths in hospitals, unexpected deaths at the scenes of traffic accidents, or unwanted deaths by intentional killings. Yet most of the time we tend to remain calm and indifferent unless there happen to be someone close to us among those dead.

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Almost everybody, modern or ancient, philosopher or beggar, all has, at one point or another of his/her life, pondered the meaning of life. This question is almost as classical as Hamlet’s “To be or not to be….”….

It suddenly dawned on me one sunny Saturday morning that life is nothing but an accident!

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网恋物语(2)(English Version)

Meeting your net pals is perhaps the ultimate goal of net chatting. At least it is an exciting and healthy weekend socializing pastime. The curiosity, the cliff-hanging suspense, the expectation,…..all would be satisfied in full by the upcoming meeting, you console yourself.
The preparation for the meeting can be extremely painstaking, as you want to maintain the net image that you have so carefully fabricated through chatting: eloquent, witty, knowledgeable, generous, chivalry, romantic, and all other virtues you can think of.
So before setting out, you would call up your net pal(btw, you only know each other by your net names and call each other as such. Some confusion may occur if it is someone else who takes the phone):

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