Rome Holiday


Rome Holiday

06:13:40, 分类: 电影欣赏
Some country princess goes abroad on a diplomatic mission Italy, slips away the palace quietly, is brought back to the family by some newspaper reporter, stays overnight a night. Second date, reporter through the newspaper discovered last night stayed overnight the girl and princess were quite similar, wanted spiral spring own news, steadily to gain one here, then led the girl to play in all directions, period caused trouble many, actually seized the opportunity to let the good friend photograph surreptitiously down. Simultaneously official everywhere is also seeking for princess, ingeniously is avoided by reporter. One day has passed by, princess must return to the palace finally, the pairs person loathed to part, only then discovered that each other had the feeling. At final press conference, pairs person of language belt double meaning, shows to say goodbye, these photograph surreptitiously the picture has become the best commemoration gift .

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