The game of Grand Prix


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The game of Grand Prix

One day, when I read the news paper called the Richmond News, Ifound an part article, It told about a game called the Grand Prix.
I remumbered last year,when I painted on the street of Steveton.A guy with his dag came, He was standing behind me and he saw my picture then,He told me, he was a water color' artist and a paint game's organizer,Who organized the aunual Grand Prix.He told me about how the year before this street there were a humber of artists who painted in the Grand Prix. when he had gone, he invited me to participate in that game the next year.
Therefore, when I finished to read that notice I decided to go to see it,Actual I wanted to know how its happen in the game and which leavels does it On September 22nd, a Saturday, in the morning time, I took a bus to Steveston,when I crossed at an old gastation, I found several ladies were painting under a white tent.After that, I saw an Asian guy painting in front of the pole on the main street of Downtown, I was wanting to ask him a question about is he a chinese, but , when he saw me he just gove me a nice smeille and continued to paint his picture on the canvas, at his right had a little boy was painting on the canvas too, I saw his face and I thought those's people maybe are from same family, Their relationship are broth father and son.

when I waked to the intersaction,I saw two volunteers on the corner with serval artists,The volunteers saw me take a big blackcase and they tolked with me,Then i asked them why there werent many chinese artists there, They anwsered me about this were have many chinese kids.then , when I past an other street, I found an old white guy painting beside the coffeshop, so I walked to close to him and I had a little conversation with him. I felt his picture was bassic, so I asked him about how many years did he paint, He said he had painted almost his whole life. I found out he was from Victoria When i left him I got a business cord from him.
when I walked close to the water road, I saw a guy wearing green hat and he stood at the from of the three feet s frames and he drew a picture of pastels. His style was tradiational, so I got his business cord ,On his cord was a line of words the pastels on life that mean he doesnt do other thinking but just does the pastels in his life. so after the game, I had have information about him, He was a pastels artist who was from Vancouver Island and he won the Grand Prix at the year before.
The gamevwent at 10 AM to 1 PM At 3 PM It started the seremony. when I finished a pastel picture I came to Britannia Heritage Ship yard, I saw many people over there, some of them were sitting in the chairs, some of them were laying on the grass. At last a female artist won the grand Prix , A few artists won about 500hundered dollors bonus, some fo them won paint stuff, people were give applaud.
After the ceremony, I drew a pastel picture in front of the dock, After i met the a Asian guy with his son , We had a longer conversation, He told me about how he came from a small town in BC, ten years before he had immigranted from china to Canada.He gratducted from the Central Instituate of Arts and Crafts in China. Right now he was a disgner of computer 3DS, He said to me when he acossed in Downtown Vancouver, he felt it was busy and noices, he had lived in a small town, so He couldn't live in the urban.
when he would left, the Grand Prix s organizer came, so i gove him a promise that i would come to the next year and i would introduce it to more chinese artists know.







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