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Notice: Servers Open

Please be aware that the ArchLord servers will be closed for weekly maintenance between 08:00 (GMT+1) and 14:00 (GMT+1), during this time players will not be able to log into the game servers.

We apologise for any inconvience this might cause.

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"Dream Dragon" big gift to send millions of heartbeat

With the Korea-wide casual 3D online games MMORPG "Dream Dragon" February 26 the first beta of the world is approaching, the enthusiasm of players climbing! To welcome more and more fans Menglong add to the fairy tale Menglong family, ice dynamic entertainment February 20 officially open the "heartbeat of millions of one million yuan 【Package】 crazy big big delivery" series of theme activities.

"" Dream Dragon "heart millions 【Package】 crazy big big delivery activities" is to celebrate February 26 heartbeat special activities organized by major prizes.

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Server Slogan Contest

Server Slogan Contest

What slogan would you say best describes your server? Can a whole server even agree on one single slogan that would describe it? Let’s find out!

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Latest Updates - Tuesday June 03 2008

Here is a list of the latest Darkfall updates and News.

Darkfall wins MMOsite's Reader's choice award

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Hanbok "AION" trying to eradicate the plug-in

Hanbok "Eternal Tower" plug-in trying to eradicate.
Recently, Korea NCSOFT company official website announced that the permanent use of plug- 2330 account of the Games.
At this point, "Eternal Tower" in Korea since the beginning of charging permanent account number has reached 5392.

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Abyss of murder must Tutorial - 4

4: the abyss of essential items

1, the revival of the wizard rock. Non-essential players nanny career, marking the resurrection of others

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About IS-fat Activity No.

Does "Eternal Tap" publicity ambassador, a precious limited edition gold CD-ROM
Each player has his own dream of eternal or Vibration Ge bloody battlefield, or wings and fly Jiangshan pointing. Today IS your voice platform will be a round of "Eternal Dream", in World war falling significantly Omen era, in the "Eternal Tap" sweetheart, you can with your comrades in arms or interactive, or athletics, or for hegemony step by step become a heroic figure.
As long as your voice platforms through ISpeak Activity CD-ROM won the gold, you have the opportunity to exchange ten thousand pieces of gold hard to get the inner Account. At the same time to run an unlimited mass of digital prizes.

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Analysis of IC packaging and testing equipment to strengthen

Analysis of IC packaging and testing equipment to strengthen magic of articles

Equipment to strengthen

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Devil race easy introduction

The devil and the days are ethnic communities together, the two are divided into Yate. Yalei (AION world transliteration) of the race. Green skin and a sharp spider arms and legs, back of the tear with the days Silky family has a very different appearance, but also with the day the devil tribe is a tribe, like the ancient Yate. Yalei people. Demons live in Yate. Yalei the top of virtually no light, due to poor business environment .. with the loss of time ..

Demon tribe began to change in appearance, personality also changed militancy. Therefore, they have attacked Rafah. Icahn group (transliteration) and the Ukraine. Kinkel family (who) to expand the territorial area of the image of the aggressor.

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Website & Forum Maintenance

February 10, 2009

All gPotato games, forums, and websites will be offline tonight for maintenance. This will begin at 9:00 PM PST and is expected to last for 2 hours.


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