Mooning Around and Feeling Blue

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I am walking on the crowded street,
Imaging you might think of me

I am standing still on the bridge,
Viewing the beautiful night

The full moon is in the dark blue sky,
I am mooning around and feeling blue

So many people by my side,
But no one cares: who am I


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《柔情》 BY 安里·巴尔布尤斯

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                 柔  情



East Meets West

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Life is Gold
O Gold
We cherish it as a gift

Life is Wood
O Wood
We never stop to grow

Life is Water
O Water
We float and adapt ourself

Life is Fire
O Fire
We blaze till fade away

Life is Soil
O Soil
We finally go back nature.


Who solves our ultimate questions?

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Art tells how to reach perfection
Religion tells how to reach happiness

Art awakens us to a sense of beauty
Religion awakens us to a meaning of life

Art lets us free from life’s commonplace
Religion lets us free from life’s sorrow

Art gives us the power against limit
Religion gives us the courage beyond death


Mutter’s Tune, Previn’s Harmony

04-02-22 07:04:42, 分类: REVERIE OF THE YOUNG
Date: Feb.14, 2004

A nice sunny day, the sunshine is on my shoulder, the newest Music Lover is in my hands. This is one of my favorite magazines. There are two articles regarding the Feast of Music at Shanghai Grand Theater in last Nov.. Of cause they were talking about the concert I enjoyed in Nov.04. I saw the young violinist again in the magazine, and I relived that night while I was reading those writers’ impressions about the concert. Each detail seems recallable as the concert is such a good memory……


Passing the Qiantang River

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Date: Nov.14, 2002

Sitting on the train, I saw the Qiantang River again. Out of the window, the splendid sunset over the river, the ancient Liuhe Pagoda was farther and farther away at twilight……It reminded me of the feeling of leaving home. These ten years, I can’t count how many times I across this river via Qiantang Bridge, the blue waves under the bridge make me feel so familiar. Each time, I see the pagoda is near, that means I am close to Hangzhou; and I see the pagoda is away little by little, my home is also farther and farther……Maybe someday I don’t need to pass through this way frequently any more… I have been living in Ningbo for ten years. I don’t know why I don’t regard Ningbo as my home. Perhaps, I have too deep love for Hangzhou, I love its beautiful scenery with hills and waters, I love its humanistic style and culture. A long history brings beauty and meaning to him. This city is so familiar to me that I know his every charming part well. It is the one which hasty travelers can’t taste its real beauty.



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A Thousand Years

04-02-19 18:33:09, 分类: REVERIE OF THE YOUNG
There is a young girl, beautiful, smart, highborn, quite well-off……many guys want to marry her. But she always rejected them as she feels she hasn’t met the one who she does want to be with.

Till one day, this girl took a stroll at a temple fair. Among millions crowded people, she suddenly caught sight of a man, needless to say, this man is just her dreaming of for long time……But it was a pity that the temple fair was too crowded to be near him. She helplessly saw that man was melting down in the crowd. In the later two years, the girl has been looking for the man everywhere. However, that man disappeared. It is just like a spring dream which vanishes without a trace……The girl started to pray everyday, hoping to see that man again. At last, her continuing prayer made the Buddha moved and present in front of her……