Virtual Trade games WOW Gold World of Warcraft Gold Cheap Wow Gold


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Virtual Trade games WOW Gold World of Warcraft Gold Cheap Wow Gold

Virtual Trade games WOW Gold World of Warcraft Gold Cheap Wow Gold
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VIRGOLD-Virtul Gold is the most valuable form of currency in most of MOG(Massive Online Game) such as World of Warcraft,Lineage2,FFxi,Eq2,Guildwars,SWG. It is used to buy and sell items from vendors or other players. 1 Gold piece is equal to 100 Silver pieces or 10,000 Copper pieces. Most good items are auctioned at prices anywhere from 1 Gold coin to 10+ Gold coins.

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The world wide Virtual trading will increase very soon in the future.and the Amount of the trading was will more then 0.8billion Dollars,That is a huge amount .I thinks that will help to increase the Global Economy.
More player consider they buy gold to help himself to buy more item and to Easy their Virtual life. Because many guys have no such time to level their char by themself. so The thirdparty Powerleveling help them save the times. such as a Tips for waiter.You pay them. and they helps to do something for you. That is more easy to understand.

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The fastest way to attain gold in World of Warcraft is to buy it from Choose your server below to buy WoW Gold and get it delivered to you instantly. If your server is not listed here or you are on a European server, click here for the full list of WoW US Servers and click here for a full list of WoW EURO Servers:
The most effective ways to get Gold are hunting, questing and crafting. When you hunt, the enemies you kill drop items, and even the most useless ones can be sold to vendors for money. Quests on the other hand give up rewards in money and items, the money part is most useful as it is usually a large sum. Crafting is also another alternative for earning Gold, you just choose any 2 professions and use it to gather raw materials or create items which you can sell to vendors or players. Items sell higher to players since vendors have a set price and people always want to buy at a lower price than the vendor but sell at a higher price, so there usually is a middle price. To see what the going rate is, type in "PC" (Price Check) in the Trade Chat window and the item you want to price check and someone should reply with the going-rate for that item.

Many items are rare in World of Warcraft and a lot that you pick up is usually soulbound to you, meaning the only way you can make any money off of it is to sell it, here we list the 20 top selling items to NPC vendors:

1. Blade of Hanna - 10 Gold 47 Silver 29 Copper
2. Brain Hacker - 10 Gold 9 Silver 9 Copper
3. Destiny - 9 Gold 47 Silver 32 Copper
4. Teebu's Blazing Longsword - 8 Gold 70 Silver 8 Copper
5. Taran Icebreaker - 8 Gold 64 Silver 68 Copper
6. Kang the Decapitator - 8 Gold 5 Silver 81 Copper
7. Elemental Mage Staff - 7 Gold 52 Silver 83 Copper
8. Hand of Edward the Odd - 6 Gold 39 Silver 94 Copper
9. Miniscule Diamond Ring - 6 Sold 25 Silver
10. Krol Blade - 5 Gold 82 Silver 67 Copper

11. Glowing Brightwood Staff - 5 Gold 70 Silver 18 Copper
12. Martin Thunder - 5 Gold 42 Silver 74 Copper
13. Bloodrazor - 5 Gold 28 Silver 52 Copper
14. Shadowblade - 4 Gold 67 Silver 10 Copper
15. Hammer of the Northern Wind - 4 Gold 52 Silver 67 Copper
16. Dwarven Hand Cannon - 4 Gold 50 Silver 40 Copper
17. Axe of the Deep Woods - 4 Gold 28 Silver 71 Copper
18. Warden Staff - 4 Gold 28 Silver 63 Copper
19. Hurricane - 3 Gold 59 Silver 91 Copper
20. Staff of Jordan - 3 Gold 19 Silver 88 Copper

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World of WarCraft II

WoW is a game of firsts. It's the first time Blizzard has ever tackled an online game, and it's the first game from Blizzard in which players focus on a single character.

The Warcraft series began in 1994 with the classic Warcraft: Humans and Orcs. The title revolutionized strategy gameplay and showed gamers that Blizzard knew what they were doing. They followed it with Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness, which brought more revolutionary elements and much more story. This story continued through Warcraft II's expansion Beyond the Dark Portal, and eventually lead up to the current best-seller Warcraft III. This epic battle between Human and Orc has progressed into Alliance versus Horde. Warcraft III's expansion The Frozen Throne brought this epic battle to its crescendo, and left all the kingdoms in shambles. WoW has been named "canon," or an official sequel in the Warcraft series. This means the story will continue, though most is expected to be of the kingdoms rebuilding their lands and establishing new boundaries.

The Alliance consists of Humans, Gnomes, Dwarves, and Night Elves, while the Horde poses Orcs, Undead, Tauren, and Trolls against them. These races are all playable and all have different features. Dwarves are stoic, dedicated beings who recently discovered their heritage and have come down from the mountains to investigate. Tauren are similar to Minotaurs, with giant brutish bodies and bull-like heads. The Tauren are tribal and surprisingly peaceful, but have been dragged into conflict and have allied with the Horde to stand up to the Alliance. All of the races have deep pasts and different futures, bringing exciting historiesand interesting possibilities to the game.

The Horde-Alliance war will allow for Player-Versus-Player battles, and will be made more interesting by the unique abilities that each side has access to. Paladins, for example, are Alliance only due to the holy nature. Shamans, on the other hand, are only playable by Horde races. These classes add more depth to the ages-old conflict between the world powers. Another interesting twist to the conflict is the homeland of each race. Both the Horde and Alliance have a race that allows them to begin their quest from behind enemy lines. Night Elves, an Allied force, begin on an island far south of the other Allies. The Undead race is separated from its Horde allies as well, beginning in a forest North of the Horde with Alliance forces cutting them off. Little twists like these add to the over-all effect of an ongoing world.

We all know how MMORPGs work. Thousands of players each log onto a server far away and play together as fantasy characters. The genre is currently a little overdone, but who can blame developers for wanting to get in on what's being referred to as the "keep paying us after you buy our game" field? The only way for a developer to survive is to bring something new and fascinating to the table and keep it there. WoW brings many new and exciting features to dinner, like an entirely customizable display. WoW will also be set at a higher pace than most MMOs, allowing for more combat and quests with shorter downtimes and waiting.

A big issue with almost any game is control. In MMORPGs, past games have shown that bad control can cause an otherwise good game to be punishment rather than fun. Blizzard is proving to one-up the competition by having an in-depth and extremely broad amount of abilities in an easily customizable screen. The controls are easy and completely customizable, and you can reassign every key. The all-too-familiar cursor from previous games is back, now with a smaller icon next to it showing the current action. Perspectives are changeable, from first-person to several different third-person views, and the camera can be controlled easily to swivel around your character.

Combat is a large part of every RPG, especially online games. Many MMOs suffer from repetitive, continuous combat that is only done to achieve the next level. Blizzard is making sure this doesn't happen by making combat active and creating a quest system previously unheard of. A simple click on an enemy will get your character attacking, but enemies will take much more than default attacks to go down, and they will be using much more as well. Familiar abilities such as Bloodlust and Divine Shield will be returning, and many more are being added. Each class will have its own unique abilities, and many of them. The classes already have about twenty announced abilities each, and more are expected to be revealed as the beta continues through more segments of testing.

Blizzard is currently very reluctant to state a release date for this gem. Beta testing is currently in progress, with the first set of testers currently exploring the world of Azeroth. Blizzard has stated that the beta will continue for a long time, possibly up to 6 months, with more players entering at each new "push" or phase of the beta. The only word on release besides "When it's done" has been "late 2004." Let's all cross our fingers for that Winter release.


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Warcraft 2 WoW Gold

Release Date: 1996

Genre: Real-Time Strategy Game

Warcraft 2: The Tides of Darkness was Blizzard Entertaiment's claim to fame. With over two-million copies sold on both the Macintosh and Windows platforms, Warcraft 2 is considered one of the best computer games ever made. In Warcraft 2, you assume the role of commander for either the Orcish Horde or Human Alliance. Through 26 senarios of increasing diffuculty, you delve into the world of Azeroth.
During exile from the Tides of Darkness, humanity forms an alliance with the Dwarves, Elves, and Gnomes, seeking to retain the peace within the realm of Azeroth. However, the cunning and bloodthirsty Orcs have formed their own alliance with the Ogres and Trolls, under the banner of the Horde. As you delve into the game, you experience inner treachery and the strength of unsteady alliances. Warcraft 2 is a wonderful experience and it's latest incarnation, the Edition, you can wage the War across Blizzard's own servers.

Warcraft 2 is a truly remarkable experience, one you should enjoy. Blizzard maintains a strong tradition of excellent games, and Warcraft 2 started the legacy which is Blizzard.

World of Warcraft - Crafting World Style Capture the Flag Details

This movie begins with some exposition on how the Horde and alliance prepare before the battle begins. Then once the battle begins the teams come out and begin to battle. There are some funny ways in which the flag is taken, or perhaps hidden by each team until the final victory run is attempted.

This movie is meant to motivate people to play the Battleground instances as it tries to glorify them and even hints toward the ones which were not shown.

Blizzard had a competition for movies. They said to make a movie with a list of music from ANY previous blizzard game. Fileplanet was also having a contest in which they said make a movie from World of Warcraft about anything relating to Battlegrounds. So I thought, hmm why not combine the two. So I did. I used the Battleground instance "Capture the Flag" Called "Warsong Gulch" and setup an epic battle. Each side is competing to get each others flag, and I wanted to show that in a different light then just running back and forth and make it a little more exciting than it has become for many who just play it to get honor points.

The movie begins with some exposition on how the Horde and alliance prepare before the battle begins. Then once the battle begins the teams come out and begin to battle. There are some funny ways in which the flag is taken, or perhaps hidden by each team until the final victory run is attempted. This movie is meant to motivate people to play the Battleground instances as it tries to glorify them and even hints toward the ones which were not shown. I slightly different approach then previously in "For Honor".

Warcraft II: Edition (PC)
It's true that this modest revision of Warcraft II is ostensibly no more than a repackaging of the four-year-old original, whose once-impressive production values no longer meet modern standards. On the other hand, Warcraft II's great gameplay still shines through all these years later, and its graphics and sound have also withstood the test of time. And at any rate, Blizzard makes no false claims about Warcraft II: Edition. It's an attractively packaged, well-documented reproduction of a continuously popular game, designed to provide Warcraft II fans with an online arena for multiplayer competition so that the game might live on even longer.

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Is a massively multiplayer online game, World of Warcraft enables thousands of players to come together online and battle against the world and each other. Players from across the globe can leave the real world behind and undertake grand quests and heroic exploits in a land of fantastic adventure. At long last, the world of Azeroth, first glimpsed in Warcraft I and further enhanced in subsequent strategy games, is realized in glorious detail and ready for the arrival of millions of prospective players. So step upon the hallowed shores of this embattled world, and see what journeys await for those who would plumb this ancient realm's many secrets.

A Familiar World

A peasant returns to the town hall
World of Warcraft draws heavily upon the lore of the Warcraft universe. Long-time fans of the Warcraft games are finally able to step into the world from a player's perspective, and experience the universe firsthand. People, places, and units from the strategy games are finally brought to life in World of Warcraft.

You can visit such places as the Burning Steppes, where Grom Hellscream fell in battle against the demon lord Mannoroth, and Ironforge, where the dwarves make their home below the mountain. Legendary heroes, such as Thrall, Cairne Bloodhoof, and King Magni Bronzebeard, are also in the game, presiding over their respective peoples as leaders in their race's capitals.

Guards in the human city of Stormwind look just like footmen from Warcraft III, peasants in the human town of Hillsbrad look exactly like their counterparts in the strategy games, and orc peons shuffle about the farms of Go'Shek in the Arathi Highlands. Night elf players can even see gargantuan Ancient Protectors patrolling the elven lands of Teldrassil, while a towering Ancient of War waits to greet all visitors to Darnassus.
Adventuring in the World

When you first start a game of World of Warcraft, you will be taken to your race's starting area. All the races except trolls and gnomes begin in a unique location. Those two races have to share starting locales with the orcs and dwarves, respectively. After watching a brief in-game cutscene introducing your race, you are set loose upon the world.

World of Warcraft presents many different monsters to challenge you in battle. These creatures roam the countryside and populate vast dungeons and aboveground locations. There are wandering beasts, such as wolves, spiders, scorpions (called scorpids in this world), six-legged crocodiles called crocolisks, crabs, vultures, hyenas, big cats, bears, and more. More sinister enemies also block your travels. Humanoid foes of every kind, such as pirates, bandits, cultists, and soldiers from the opposing faction, join more unnatural monsters like undead, oozes, gryphons, and elementals, in providing conflict and danger on your journeys.

Water Elemental
You'll also see some familiar monstrous creatures, such as ogres, gnolls, centaurs, satyrs, murlocs, wildkin, and others, that are inspired by the hostile creeps of Warcraft III. And you'll encounter more spectacular enemies like demons, infernals, dragonspawn, and mighty dragons stalking the dungeons and high-level areas of the world.

The territories and terrain you will be able to explore are vast and varied. In addition to borrowing from some of the most storied locations in Warcraft history, the game also shows off many different kinds of environments, such as the lush forests in Ashenvale and Feralas, the snowy mountains in Dun Morogh, the savannah of the Barrens, the plains of Mulgore, and the deserts of Tanaris. Swamps in Un'Goro Crater, jungles in Stranglethorn Vale, farmland in Elwynn Forest, and even deforested hills in Stonetalon Mountains are some more of the many environmental regions you can explore. Terrain that has been vastly altered by magic and the ravages of war also appear in the game. The razed city of Dalaran, encased in a protective magic shell, is a painful reminder of the devastation of the Reign of Chaos, while the infested Eastern and Western Plaguelands are filled with diseased animals and plantlife, courtesy of the Scourge's plague.

This long list of fascinating terrain doesn't even include the underground environments and dungeons of the world. There are dungeons available for all ranges of mid- to high-level players, and offer many rich quests, rewards, and enemies to encounter in the depths below ground.
Simple Interface

World of Warcraft has as friendly a user interface as possible to make the game accessible to all players.

To ease players into questing, the game makes it easy to identify quest givers by the yellow exclamation marks over their heads. It is also easy to keep track of your quests through the quest log. You can always refer to this interface window to see all your accepted quests, the goals you need to still accomplish, and where to go to turn in your quest. When you return to a quest giver for your reward, a yellow question mark will replace the exclamation mark to tell you that your quest can be turned in.

You can also tell at a quick mouse-over who an NPC is and how you can interact with it. A smart cursor usually pops up with an icon to remind you that you can just right-click on the NPC to begin an interaction. Quest givers pop up with a chat balloon to tell you that you can talk to them. Trainers, who teach your characters new abilities and spells, pop up with a book. If you can harvest a resource from the world, your cursor will pop up with an appropriate action icon. If you can harvest a plant, a flower cursor pops up. If you can mine ore, you get a mining pick cursor. In this way, the game tells you immediately and intuitively how you can interact with the world.

Fighting a Bear
Fighting is just as easy. All you need to do is right-click on a monster to begin attacking. Casting spells is also simple: Click on a spell icon and then click on a target. To facilitate the use of spells, World of Warcraft offers an action bar at the bottom of the screen where you can place icons representing all your spells and abilities. You can thus use them at a quick click of the mouse, or by pressing the hotkeys associated with the icons on your action bar.

You can even move your chat window around the screen, customize the colors of the window to better suit your tastes, and customize your combat log, which is a scrolling text box showing all your maneuvers and those of your enemies in battle so that you can keep track of combat.

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RPG Expert - Final Fantasy XI - Gil Growing Up
Introduction: This is a guide to easily gain gil while leveling characters from 1 to 20. If followed, you can expect to make anywhere from 100k-500k just from leveling. Also included is a list of easy Notorious Monsters for the beginner to buffer their coffers.
Your signet and you!
You can obtain a signet from speaking with a gate guard in your home city. What this allows you to do is to collect crystals from defeated monsters. These crystals are dropped from nearly every kill, and range in price from 1000-6000gil per stack. On average, you can expect to gain 10 stacks of crystals just from leveling from levels 1-12. Always refresh your signet before going out to hunt, and if in the field, consider coming back into town if it runs out!
Monster Family Drops
Most of your gil will be found in the form of trade skill items (or items that are used in crafting) that drop off monsters you defeat. Many lucrative items can be found on monsters as low as level 1! Here is a quick list of monsters, locations, and drops of each. Notorious Monsters! In each of the starting areas are notorious monsters that can supplement your cash flow. Notorious Monsters are generally monsters of a higher difficulty than the surrounding mobs. However, these monsters also drop items that are very valuable. In Gustaberg North you have Stinging Sophie. She spawns up on top of the hills and drops a dagger that sells for about 10,000gil. You need to be level 12 to easily defeat her. In West Ronfaure you have Jaggedy-Eared Jack. He drops a charm that is valued at up to a million gil. However, the drop rate on the item is extremely low and he appears only every 2 hours. Unfortunately, Final Fantasy XI is a very money intensive game, and if you are caught off guard, this fact can make you extremely miserable. By leveling off of mobs with lucrative drops, not only do you gain levels at a decent speed, but you also gain money to assist you in future leveling.

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Massive FFXI Gil Sale
Final Fantasy XI Gil is now as low as $47.99 per 2,000,000, and as always, deliveries are done 24/7 within a few minutes from the time your order is placed!
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Play Nice, Don't Monopolize!
Hundreds of thousands of people, like you, enjoy playing Final Fantasy XI. Everyone plays to have a good time. Friendliness, courtesy, and respect for others are as important in the online world as they are in real life. We encourage all players to be good citizens of the gaming community. Exploits, hacks, and monopolizing camp spots so other people can’t acquire good items are destructive to the whole game experience for everyone. Game economies are not helped by making it difficult for other players to play and enjoy the game. Any activity that makes playing the games less fun hurts us all. We encourage you to use common sense, common courtesy, and enjoy the marvelous adventures in the games. Help everyone have fun and all else follows.
Final Fantasy XI Site Live!
Our new Final Fantasy XI site is up with enhanced design, navigation, and payment options. You may now buy FFXI Gil using a credit card without having to use Paypal (option is available at checkout). Enjoy!

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World of Warcraft Gold

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When certain that your computer is clean, change your world of warcraft password immediately. Update your windows OS and do a thorough virus scan on your computer to be certain.

If you are running an outdated IE browser, do not visit any WoW related links that you do not trust. At, we assure you that our website is trojan free, and we take data security very seriously. If your account has been hacked into, please contact Blizzard Billing and Account Services immediately. Do prepare any supporting documents, like game card keys, or monthly fee statements from your credit card to prove that you are the legitimate owner of the account.

WOW Gold —Power Leveling provide cheaper services

By level ?Non-stop leveling, fastest way to level .
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Level 1-20 /1.5D

Part-time Pricing

This is our most flexible option. We can level your character any time you want, while you are sleeping, working, or on vacation. You set up our schedule and we stick to it. This allows you the freedom to play when it is convenient for you. We guarantee to play your character for the exact amount of time you paid for and to the best of our ability.

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World of Warcraft II Story is a Game of Production

Quite often the more you resources you mine and harvest and the more units you produce, the better you do. If you find yourself falling behind in unit battles, try building more Barracks and Shipyards. Also build more Peasants to mine Gold and harvest Lumber. Take over multiple Gold mines so that you can mine more Gold.

Remember to place your Town Hall properly so that can fit enough Peasants on mining and also will allow them harvest correctly

Know How to Counter Each of Your Opponent's Moves
What I mean is no matter what your enemy does, you should know what to do. Examples: If they keep Blizzarding your town, go find and kill those Mages. If people are Dragon making you, get out the Axe Throwers and Bloodlust. For every move, you should know the counter.

Recon Is Key: Know What Your Enemy Is Doing At All Times
If you want to know what to do against the enemy, you should know what the enemy is doing. This means recon. Recon is one of the most important things in the game. Poor recon is the usual cause of lost games. Perhaps you didn't notice the enemy had an expansion with no defenses, or that the enemy was building up a certain kind of unit, or that they were wide open to certain kinds of attacks in certain locations.

Good Recon does not have to be delayed until you get Flying Machines. On land maps, send out a Peasant or Footmen to all the Gold Mines and make sure no one is building 2 Town Halls early. Recon is so important because you can often attack the enemy when they have no defenses early in the game.

Place Flying Machines on patrol over Gold mines that you expect the enemy to expand to. Be warned that the enemy might not build there if they see the Flying Machine. Try if possible to keep it within view of the Gold mine without giving away it's location.

Do a fly by the enemy mines and compare their Gold Mine to yours. Take note if the enemy is mining more Gold than you then build more Peons and place them on Gold. Keep up in the resource race.

On Low and Medium Resources, Do Not Upgrade to Stronghold/Keep Too Soon
The normal upgrade time for a Town Hall is usually when you have more than 18 or so Peasants. You can get into great problems if you upgrade too early. What sometimes happens is that people get greedy and want the Ogres/Knights just a little too soon. So they make a few or no Footmen and then upgrade directly to Keep. During this period, the enemy runs in with a bunch of Footmen and catches the enemy before they can build enough Knights to defend themselves. At this point you don't have enough forces to repel all those Footmen. Even if you do start making Knights, the enemy can position their Grunts around the Barracks so they can Kill any Ogres that pop out. This is a situation you do not want to be in.

Skipping the Footmen Stage
Some people decide to skip building Footmen and go straight to Knights. This really risky. Here are the trade offs. If the enemy comes in with Grunts you are dead. If they don't, you will get a lot of Knights and will most likely be able to overpower them. This might be something you might want to try on maps where the enemy has difficulty in reaching you such as Nowhere out of this Maze. Combine this strategy with a few walled in towers, or by walling yourself in, it might be possible to pull this off. The enemy may just bring in a catapult, break open your defenses and send in the Grunts.

Be Very Careful In the Early Part of the Game
The first 10 or so minutes of the game are extremely important. Any mistake or delay in building Peasants, Farms, or getting resources can cost you the game. You have to carefully watch each and every unit and make sure they are all doing exactly what you are telling them to. After your town starts to roll, this becomes less necessary and you can devote time to attacking the enemy. Lower resources starts require more precise movements early on in the game as they can easily determine the outcome of the game.

You must learn exactly what to do for each plan and resource.

Run Away!
If you see yourself in a battle that you just can't win, run away. The happens when someone has a walled in Cannon, Guard Tower, or when the enemy has more troops. . Know when it's a good time to fight and when it's time to run. You want to run away if you are Human and see the Bloodlusted Ogres. If possible run with the Ogres following until the Bloodlust wears off, then turn and attack. If someone casts Unholy Armor or has a Flame Shield on run until this spell wears off.

Don't Repair Buildings If You Can't Stop People From Attacking Them
This is the most common Newbie mistake. If you have units coming out of a unit producing building, or have reinforcements on the way to save the building repair it. Repair buildings that are key to a wallin. Otherwise do not waste resources on a losing battle.

Don't Repair a Building Unless You Have to
Repair key buildings such as Black Smiths, Stables, Town Halls, but do not repair buildings without a good reason. Buildings are not destroyed by fire no matter how many hit points they have left so the only reason to repair a building is because it's important, or to require more Goblin Sappers to destroy it.

Know Why You Lost
Warcraft 2 is a game of learning. When you lose you should know why. By knowing why you lost, you know what you can improve on in future games. If you don't have a clue, ask the players who defeated you after the game how they won. Be sure to not accuse them of cheating but be sincere in your request. If they are nice, they will give you their input. Have your friends watch you play. Often they can give you good advice about how to play from another point of view and to correct your mistakes as you go.

Offense vs Defense
The best defense is a good offense. Don't spend too much time building defenses for your town. Be sure to wallin your town if possible. A huge defense may protect you from attacks but to advance in the game you need to attack the enemy town and prevent them from expanding. Instead of building too many Towers and Catapults you will have much more success building more offensive units, expand to more resource spots, upgrade, and attack.

Quite often, people spend plenty of time building lots of Towers in their town which does not leave enough resources to build any units to protect all these Towers. Towers can easily be killed by Goblin Sappers, Catapults and Blizzards. You might want to build one or two Towers by your mine, or at most 3-4 Guard Towers but don't over do it.

Building Orders
Building Orders can allow you to build to specific units and buildings as quickly as possible. Building orders are very important on low resource games, and less so but still important and helpful as more resources are available. While building orders will not be listed here, many people are willing to share their favorite building orders on the Blizzard fan sites.

Four Unique Races
Armed with distinctive units, magical abilities and weapons of war, the Orcs, Humans, Undead and Night Elves clash in their renewed struggle for dominance.

Two New Nations of Warriors
The Warcraft universe grows with the introduction of two new races for players to control.

The Night Elves are mysterious, shadowy beings and are one of the eldest races of the world. They have emerged from centuries of seclusion to defend the world from the coming apocalypse.

The Undead is a plague-ridden army known as the Scourge that has come from the frozen wastelands of the North to topple civilization in its darkest hour.

A World in 3 Dimensions
Blizzard is powering Warcraft III with its own 3D engine, providing a fully interactive world that incorporates non-player characters, wandering monsters, neutral towns, strongholds and temples, and environmental effects.

Multiplayer Mayhem
Expanded multiplayer options over up to 12 players per game, multiple game types (including team play and questing) and new game matching and tournament options.

High Resolution Support
Warcraft III offers support for multiple resolutions and will take advantage of many features included with the latest 3D cards while supporting as broad a range of older cards as possible.

Legendary Heroes
Legendary Heroes lead powerful armies while they complete quests, gain experience and acquire special items. As the core of each race's force, Heroes have the ability to advance in levels, learn new spells and abilities and confer special benefits to nearby units.

Special Items and Equipment
Legendary Heroes can carry up to six special items in a small inventory. The items can turn the tide of battle as they grant the Hero the ability to cast offensive and defensive spells, heal units, utilize special abilities or gain bonuses to specific statistics.

Neutral Buildings
Several types of Neutral Buildings exist, each with a different function. From selling Hero Items, hiring out Mercenaries, to healing nearby units of hit points, these structures confer a wide variety of strategies and surprises for even the most veteran of players.

Neutral Units
There are numerous Neutral Units - known as Creeps and Critters - that inhabit the world of Azeroth. Creeps are hostile units that relinquish Gold when killed and sometimes guard valuable resources or Neutral Buildings. Critters are friendly neutral units such as sheep or seals.

Huge Spell-casting System
Many types of spells are available to the clever player, including Offensive spells, Defensive spells, Counter spells, Autocast spells that are cast automatically, Auras, and the extremely potent Ultimate spells.

New Multiplayer Features

* Shared unit control between players
* Trading of resources between players
* Choice of army color
* Observation mode
* Ability to ally with computer players

Improved Features

* New ladders including Random Team, 1 vs. 1, 2 vs. 2, 3 vs. 3, and 4 vs. 4
* Anonymous matchmaking for games
* Improved ladders that prevent "win trading"
* Separate name space for Warcraft III on allows players to obtain new account names without conflicting with those in previous games
* Improved clan support with levels of membership, home clan channels and clan ladders (coming soon)

Advanced World Editor
Advanced world design tools allow players to customize many aspects of the game including tile sets, character art, quests, mission objectives, unit types, AI, attributes, special abilities and spells.

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Real life dollars buy virtual game money?
By: Steven Golden

Will people pay real dollars for in-game virtual money to help their virtual characters buy in-game goods?

One gamer, who goes by the screen name Haylo, said he spent $10 to $20 real dollars a month on in-game platinum(all

nonexistent, of course) to buy weapons and other goods in wow gold (DAOC), but would spend more if he could afford it.

Most video games have some form of currency. In many ways, the in-game economy is similar to a real world economy - goods and

services are traded to mutual advantage and are mediated in currency (platinum, gold,
credit,etc.). "With all the things you can buy in game," a gamer said, "it's hard not to want them, just like real-life


The average Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game(MMORPG) player is 27-year-old -- a demographic drooled over by

marketers. Plus, nearly half of all players have jobs, which often means they have more money than time and are the perfect

consumers of virtual assets. On the Internet, many gamers now buy virtual money that only exist as data files stored in a

server run by a game company with real-world dollars, and the buying and selling of virtual currencies may be off most

people's radar, but it is truly big business.

An online broker, who goes by the screen name Rolala, was not a fan of online games until his 15-year-old son became

interested in FFXI GIL He then noticed that a large number of gils which

are the currencies used in FFXI were for sale on eBay.

"I started hearing about players leaving the game who were selling their assets at cheap prices," he said, "so I figured, buy

low, sell high."

But Rolala found his moneymaking options in FFXI "very limited". He switched to
World of Warcraft. There, he has leveraged his real-life experience into an

online business. He converts his game profits into real money on sites like
cheap wowgold and cheap gold
,etc. Earnings can be considerable. He said he was on track to earn about $120,000 in real money in his first year in this


Rolala's business is just one example of how increasingly popular online role-playing games have created a shadow economy in

which the lines between the real world and the virtual world are getting blurred.

World of Warcraft", the world's largest MMORPG, boasts more than 1 million paying users in North America.There are many

sites like sell wow gold teaching gamers how to earn wow gold

in game for free, however many players are still willing to buy gold and weapons to help their virtual characters get a

higher virtual status more rapidly. Some virtual goods in World of Warcraft have been sold for thousands of dollars. It

obviously creates a large real world market.

Edward Castronova, an economics professor at Indiana University who has written a book on the subject, calculated that if you

took the real dollars spent within eq2 gold "as an index, its game world, called
Norrath, would be the 77th richest nation on the planet, while annual player earnings surpass those of citizens of Bulgaria,

India or China.

Go to GameUSD, an exchange-rate calculator for the virtual worlds, and do a search for the latest rates of virtual currencies

against the U.S. dollar, and let your jaw drop open. The rates of some virtual world currencies are even better than that of

the Iraqi Dinar! For instance, here is the recent exchange rate of several popular virtual currencies:

Right now, this business is one of the most hotly debated issues on the internet. Many game companies such as Blizzard who

run World of Warcraft discourage profit from in-game properties, though none have found a way to stop it. buy eq2 gold on the other hand, encourages the practice (albeit

within the confines of their own "Station Exchange", their own forum for the sale of in-game properties). It recently

announced the first month's figures from "Station Exchange". According to
SOE, over 45,000 characters from "EverQuest 2" have been active on the exchange and have spent over $180,000 USD in one

month, half of which have been spent on in-game gold and platinum.

Despite of different attitudes towards virtual currency trade, the number of
people who are getting into such business is rising, and the size of market has been expanding very rapidly.The market also

creates a competitive environment. We could refer to sites like buy wow gold , a price comparison site, to see the fierce price competition between

different exchange sites.

For some ordinary gamers, however, such a capitalist approach spoils the experience. Nick Yee, a psychology researcher from

Stanford University, believes many players dislike virtual currency traders because, by using real wealth to buy virtual

power, "they're breaking the fantasy-reality bubble, getting an advantage in a way that other players

According to a recent survey wow gold, an internet media focused on the videogame markets, most

gamers say they dislike and avoid this business, believing that it gives players with more discretionary income an unfair


But such attitudes are called into question by size estimates for the virtual asset trading market, which is seen having a

value of $200 million to nearly $900 million in 2005.

One potential explanation for the disconnection between attitudes and money spent may be that gamers are unwilling to admit

they use the services, IGN said.

In terms of the law's concern, another issue is, who owns the virtual money? Many virtual world designers maintain that

anything created in the world belong to the company. They refuse to
recognise the rights of their players in the virtual property for fear of attracting liability for its maintenance or


But will this work in the long term? Players spend considerable time and/or money acquiring such assets. In many cases they

are the creation of the player and even the intellectual property ownership is questionable. "As we spend more time in these

worlds, it's not enough for companies to say that 'we own everything and we can turn it off at any time,'" said a gamer. "The

question may soon be should we have recourse against a game company for obliterating virtual assets?"

With the rapid growth of virtual currency exchange market, should people accord virtual property the same protection as

property in the real world?

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Welcome to the World of warcraft Gold

By signing up for a GameAmp account you are agreeing to abide by our rules and regulations. If any of these rules or regulations change, you will be notified via private message or email letting you know what has changed and the new rules will take effect immediately.

The Rules:
Do not post any material which may be deemed offensive to others. This includes, but is not limited to: pornography, slander or libel against any other person, foul language (use your best judgment), and any material which any other person besides yourself holds a copyright on (unless you have express written permission).buy wow gold

That's it; simple enough to follow. Just remember to always use your own best judgment when submitting material to be added to any site on the GameAmp Network. If your submission is not approved immediately, then please be patient. Our administrators are working as hard as they can. If for some reason your submission is still not approved within 72 hours, then please send the site manager or an administrator a private message detailing what you submitted and they will get back to you as soon as possible.

Everyone will look like a Greek god or goddess.

If you don't understand the gravitational pull of an MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game), I'm going to enlighten you with just a dozen words: you get to pick what you look like and what your talents are.

That's the real beauty of it. The first thing you do in the MMORPG World of Warcraft is design your own body and decide what your strengths will be. You pick your race. What could be more seductive than that, the ability to turn in all of the cards you were dealt at birth and draw new ones from a face-up deck? If you have friends who've gotten sucked into the WoW black hole and you don't understand why they never talk to you any more, this is it. I remember being a chubby teenager with bad skin and astigmatism and pants that didn't fit quite right. What would I have given to be reborn as a strapping warrior with rippling pecs and armor of hammered silver?
On that kid's screen now is a dozen noble warriors of exotic races, brandishing elaborate weapons and charging a gigantic demon across a fire-scarred mountaintop. The dwarf next to him is controlled by an accountant planted at his own computer in Cleveland, two babies sleeping in the next room and his pregnant wife on the sofa. The robed priest in the back casting healing spells is actually a 250-lb. ex-gangster, playing from the computer lab of a maximum security prison in Pennsylvania. The elf on his left, sprinting and drawing his mighty magical bow, is the digital body of a wheelchair-bound 12 year-old girl in Miami.

It's not just for fantasy geeks, of course. Even The Sims lets you pick a version of yourself with low body fat and cool hair. And this idea is what's going to push the expansion of MMORPG technology in the way that porn pushed the expansion of the internet, the desperate-but-untapped desire to interact with others without the bothersome interference of genetic flaws and poor diet and exercise habits.

But it's not just the physical image that changes. In that world, I am a dragon slayer. There, my reptutation and history are just as awe-inspiring as my look. Even now, much of the satisfaction for WoW gamers is in the very real sense of accomplishment they get, a person glowing with a burst of golden light when they gain a level in experience and strength. How can the real world compete with that? Wouldn't those long Calculus lectures have been easier to sit through if, every time you learned something important, gold light shot out from your body?

In the future, long after World of Warcraft has gone the way of ARPANET, everyone will have a virtual-world twin. An upgraded, digital representative of yourself which I'll henceforth refer to as Awesome You . And you'll see a time in your life when more people know Awesome You than know the real you.

Some people live like that already.

All will play in the same virtual world.

Gamers rejoiced back in April when it was announced that Blizzard, Square/Enix and Sony were merging their virtual worlds so that online characters from one game could stride seamlessly into another. It made perfect business sense and I was the first to say I wasn't at all surprised by the news. I had been predicting it for months. The fact that it turned out to be an April Fool's joke and entirely false only proves my point. Ahem.

As this kind of community gaming becomes the nation's pasttime, convenience will demand that some day each person's online identity be able to move from one realm to the next, from the suburbs of the next Sims Online game to WoW's Spiderskull Mountain. And with that convergence of virtual worlds we'll have the first real, primitive incarnation of something not unlike the matrix, or what old science fiction authors called the metaverse. A simulated, virtual world. wow gold

You won't have to be into fantasy to participate. You can spend your gaming time in a virtual suburb and build a virtual family and enjoy growing a virtual garden, while your best friend goes off to fight the Orcs of Thunderclaw Valley. Your cousin can go re-fight World War 2 every day. It will still be mainly a game at this stage of its evolution, but as the experience is tailored to every single taste (all under one virtual roof) more and more people will participate. And once everybody's there, why not do all of your chatting and text messaging there? Half of the WoW experience seems to be just a beautifully-rendered and animated chat interface anyway.

The first steps will likely come with the next game consoles, expanding the pool of gamers beyond those with pimped-out gaming PC's. The Playstation 3 will have at least one huge MMORPG on it ( Final Fantasy VII ). The XBox 360 should have World of Warcraft . And then if you get the console users hooked, and if the the console makers succeed in their plan to get a box in every single house in the civilized world, and then if they expand the interface so you can use your cell phone to check in on your game... You get the idea.
You'll meet someone who plays an MMORPG for a living.

World of Warcraft -- Spyware oder nicht?

Wie Hoglund durch Reverse-Engineering herausgefunden hat, läuft dieser Wächter alle 15 Sekunden. Er liest zunächst die Fenstertitel aller laufenden Anwendungen aus, schickt sie durch eine Hash-Funktion und vergleicht das Ergebnis mit einer Liste von Hashes unerwünschter Programme. Sodann schaut das Programm in den Adressraum jedes im System laufenden Prozesses und bildet aus bestimmten Adressbereichen ebenfalls Hash-Werte, die es mit schwarzen Listen vergleicht. Entdeckt es Verdächtiges, so wird der Account des Spielers gesperrt.

In der im Internet geführten Diskussion sagen die einen, es handelt sich dabei eindeutig um Spyware, denn es gehört sich für eine Software einfach nicht, in andere Prozesse hineinzusehen, nicht in die Fenstertitel und schon gar nicht in den Adressraum. Die anderen argumentieren, dass die Software ja nichts ausspioniert. Sie läuft nur Client-seitig und sendet keine der untersuchten Daten im Klartext an den Server. Es ist nicht einmal erwiesen, dass Hash-Werte übermittelt werden.

You'll meet someone who plays an MMORPG for a living.

Let's take this a little bit further. You earn gold in World of Warcraft, gold with which you can buy these in-game objects. If this game gold is truly valuable to my life, if it lets me get more value out of the pasttime I already pay real-world money for, what's to stop me from paying real money for game money? Nothing. Go to Ebay and do a search for World of Warcraft Gold and let your jaw drop open.

Here we have game currency being traded for real currency, and at a better exchange rate than the Iraqi Dinar.

If we go further still, we can imagine a person winning rare weapons and selling them on auction sites or directly to other players they meet. We can imagine somebody working full-time to gather in-game gold by slaying gold-shitting squirrels (or whatever you do to get gold in the game) and then exchanging it for real dollars to pay the real rent with. Sure, it may be decades before you see this kind of-

Oh, wait. There are people doing that right now.

And if you're chuckling and shaking your head at the glazed-eyed geeks who can't tell the difference between game money and real money, let me ask you something: when Square bought Enix for $727 million two years ago, do you think they they actually stacked crate after crate of cash on a flatbed truck and then drove the $727 million over to their offices?

No. That money only existed as numbers in a computer. In fact, not even 10% of the money in the American economy exists as physical, printed currency. All of the rest exists on servers and hard drives and in the imaginations of the people. It has value for the exact same reason WoW gold has value: because people think it has value.

I'm guessing that if you started this article thinking it was a joke, this is the point when you sobered up and realized that, as author H.G. Wells predicted, "the future will accost us with boob-slapping ferocity."

Fear and Loathing in Azeroth

exhausted. You know how you feel at the end of one of those four hour MC raids, where you just want to take your loots back to the inn in Orgrimmar, do some banking and buy some new arrows? :) I think I heard that there was something like 8,000 people at the convention. All in all, it was like peeling your eyelids back and living in the forums for two days straight. A wonderous mix of mystery, discovery and sheer horror.

The raffle that was supposted to start at 6:00pm was started late due to the invitational running a bit over.

Rather than hang out with 8,000 of my best friends, I ditched the crowd to go get in the no-line expansion play area with the intention to check out the Ahn'Quiraj zone this time. So if raffle ticket #00117 won something cool.... Well, I didn't know because I was getting killed by Quiraji Guardians.

Concert was.. meh. I guess I'm too old, the kids in the pit seemed to be having fun. After Level 60 Elite Tauren Chieftain finished, the comic? came out and did his standup, and then we all sat around until 9:30 when Offspring finally started. They played until 10:30, and left, despite a few people yelling for an encore. They brought up the house lights (the not so subtle cue to go home) about 20 seconds later.

The L6ETC was a heavy metal band composed of Blizzard members. Samwise (art director) was lead singer and belted out tunes and taunted the alliance members in the audience while trashing his hair in circles. While I can't say that it was.. the best thing I've ever heard, it was definitely a lot better than the fan submitted original songs. =)

The Basics of Consumer Behavior

The study of consumer behavior examines all aspects of consumers' feelings, thoughts, and reasons for making particular decisions in purchasing products or services or subscribing to ideas, and also how consumers use and dispose of products. Influences on a consumer's beliefs or practices may be influenced by family and friends, religious beliefs, cultural attitudes, by social expectations, by professional standards, by advertising appeals, or by any combination of these factors. While some of these influences are felt in the conscious mind of a consumer (all my friends are wearing a certain kind of boots this fall, so I've decided to buy a pair just like them), an even greater factor may be unconscious beliefs or associations (the smell of this fabric softener reminds me of my mother's laundry day when I was a child, so I'll pick it over the other that doesn't carry personal associations).

The most obvious application for knowledge of consumer behavior is obviously marketing strategy—understanding that a growing number of consumers are on low-carbohydrate diets, for instance, has led to an ever-increasing number of products that are labeled as “Low Carb.” But the study of consumer behavior also has repercussions for public policy (allowing government agencies to make regulations to protect consumers), social marketing (promoting ideas that encourage people to act in their own best interest, such as wearing seatbelts or adopting safe-sex practices), and consumer education (teaching practices that make us smarter shoppers, such as buying in bulk to save money or avoiding produce that has been treated with dangerous pesticides).

Marketers may examine consumer behav
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