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Please read the Agreement carefully as it contains more detailed information and full terms & conditions, please note a subscription has a minimum term of 12 months. The decision as to the appropriate agreement for any premises remains with Sky Business; if we do not believe that you have identified the correct agreement for your type of premises we will tell you (and any incorrect agreement completed by you will not be accepted by us).I was pleased to get a letter from Sky this week saying the prices are going to be jacked up again across a range of services; wonderful considering they don't seem able to offer a consistent service for just about any of their main products.We've had this download issue for about 3 months, and it's inconsistent. We wondered if it was wi-fi, so we hard wired the Sky box via ethernet to the router. No improvement.Then our broadband mysteriously dropped from 15.1Mb download to 2.3Mb overnight. Went through the usual scripted telephone support rubbish and no resolution found. Eventually it came back mysteriously 2 days later, still none the wiser. After normal service resumed, still no improvment in 'consistent' download speeds.Then summer delivered leaves and a spurt of growth to nearby trees and we ended up with line of site dish issues; 2 sky engineers, neither could offer a solution, so we went to an independent who charged us a couple of hundred quid to relocate dish on a long pole and as if by magic it's fixed. No thanks again to Sky.I've given up calling them for anything support wise; they're the most useless company I've ever used in terms of issue resolution, and I don't blame the poor sods trying to do the telephone support, it's a lack of proper training as it's mostly scripted.We've tried everything, Sky Box resets, planner rebuilds, software uploads, router resets, testing different routers, installation of BT NTE5 socket (with integrated noise suppression ADSL filters) , direct CAT5e ethernet cabling to remove wi-fi connections, Sky support call lines, forums, you name it, we've tried it. Some days it downloads fine, other days it just wont download. All I can conclude is there is a serious issue with their bandwidth on the 'On Demand' service, and at certain times of day it just bombs. Certainly no way this service should be called 'On Demand'; trade descriptions act!Hi Graham,If we’re downloading 2 things at the same time as you’ve asked i.e. On Demand and Sky Go won’t we be getting slower download times for both because we’re doing exactly that?If that is the case then a lot of people who respond might be giving you information that appears to make the download times look worse than it already is!Maybe you should have asked that we download the same programme first onOn Demand and then immediately afterwards on SkyGo once it has finished and make a note of the downloading time on each and then report back with that information.Happy Christmas. May all your downloads be quick!BrianSince adding the second post in this threadI've followed your comments closely.I can report an improvement in download speed - last attempt took 2 hours for a film as opposed to the original 10 hours.However this still means that the service is not 'on demand'. I plan to give the 'pause & restart' suggestion mentioned earlier a go, and if still no joy I'll start the download as I go to bed and leave it running during the night. Ridiculous!It's also not all free as someone mentioned - I had to pay ?2 each for 2 of the films I downloaded yet had to wait until the next day before I could watch!I maintain that I have a very healthy average speed of 54mbps. Only run 1 laptop in addition to the Sky box. Use it for general email / internet so nothing that could 'drain' the feed so to speak.The 'Knowledge Advisors' have gone very quiet on this thread - perhaps they've come to the same conclusion that we have,that the info Sky is feeding them re download speeds being the root cause is a load of rubbish and there's no defense to a badly branded 'On Demand' service that is clearly very much the opposite for a lot of customers!I'm stil having horrible problems. Tried to download a 30 minute standard definition programme from iPlayer earlier in the week and it took over 2 hours - 4 times longer than the progamme itself - which is totally ridiculous.And as normal, later in the evening it starting speeding up again as presumably less people were using the service. Use it between 6pm and 10pm though and it simply isn't worth the bother - but since this is the time most people want to use an On Demand service, it makes a complete mockery of the whole service.It would have been quicker to move my desktop PC from the spare bedroom, set it up in the living room on our main TV, watch the episode via the PC based iPlayer, and then disconnect and move the PC back upstairs again. And I could probably have fitted in a trip to the pub for a couple of pints and still been done and dusted quicker than the supposed "On Demand" service. Total shambles! PS - Anybody from Sky reading this post - please don't ask me to check my broadband, wiring, WiFi, master socket, settings etc etc. As I've already explained at length in previous posts, I've ruled out everything other than an issue at the Sky end of the service which is definitely the culprit here, and I'm not interested in being fobbed off.One question I have for other forum members - is anybody with these issues a Sky Broadband customer? Or is this an issue that is limited to customers using non-Sky ISPs? It crossed my mind that Sky may be "managing" bandwidth to give customers of their own Broadband a preferential service. I may be barking up the wrong tree (in which case Sky, please accept my apologies), but it did cross my mind that this is the sort of stunt they may pull!If this carries on, the time to move to a 'proper' on demand service from one of the other service providers is fast approaching. Perhaps its also getting to the point that the Sky Movies package is no longer worth the effort when proper on demand movie services are out there - especially as more and more premium films are moving away from Sky's subscription to the pay per view Sky Store service. Come on Sky - sort this out - I've been a loyal customer for more years than I can remember, and you are seriously risking losing me as a customer - and I can't be the only feeling agrieved about this.The service from Sky is the best in UK....when it works! /The catch up on demand is the most useful-however, I had major issues as anyone can read from my previous posts in this forum, where the best equipment and the fatsest cable broadband in uk didnt help.Customers cannot be expected to be internet or software engineers to resolve this as so much complex things surround Sky transmissions and internet , but for me with above reasonable knowledge, it was just basic irritation at waiting hours for a program to be viewable.If all other devices are perfroming correctly on the same connection and you HAVE TRIED all the usual steps, contact Sky and insist they help.I have to admit , my own on demand is working like a treat now so I am optimistic others around the UK should improve.I admit, if my on demand was like it was in October, I would be ( swear word ) off as its not right at all.I go with the new wireless connector (N spec) over the old one anyday... For me it seemed to sort it self out...again, it was not my settings or equipment, thats 100% fact.Post details of problems on forums as people on here tend to be helpful.For me availability of an HD programme being downloaded is very slow but I have found a work around that allows me to watch an available downloading HD programme in 5 or 10 minutes at any time of day or evening.Without doing the work around I could wait until an HD download is 50/60/80% downloaded before being available to view and that could take more than an hour. I gave up doing that and began scheduling programmes for downloading overnight.Here’s the workaround I am now using for HD downloads.Start the HD download. After 5 minutes or so go into the downloads tab on the planner menu and press blue to pause the recording. This halts the download.Immediately after pausing, press blue again to resume recording. The programme changes from showing as being downloading to be immediately available for viewing while continuing to download from where it was.I’ve discovered that this happens whether the download has been recording for 5 minutes or 50 minutes.This has worked for me on the 10 consecutive times and I have used it, which has been at different times during the day or evening.I don’t understand why pausing the download for a moment to then restart recording makes the programme availability immediately happen but I’m jolly pleased to have found a solution that works for me rather then be kept waiting for it to be 80% downloaded before I can watch it otherwise.Happy New Year to all readersOh dear. Should Ihave read this thread sooner. After much pestering by my daughter I ordered a Sky Wireless Box so that we could make full use of the 'On Demand' service. It arrived a couple of days ago. Hmmm - thinks I - is this working correctly - it seems to take an eternity to download a programme. Must be something wrong with the way I have it set up (though in truth what can actually go wrong when setting it up?). There surely must be some mishtake - it's taking hours to download a programme - and can't I start watching it as soon as a reasonable amount is buffered. And so I came on here to have a delve around. And I come across this thread. And my heart sinks. This is not good. I pay a lot for my Sky Services (Broadband, landline, Movies, Sport etc) and had began to think about whether I was getting value for my money. Sky On Demand seemed 'a good thing' that would ease my pain. But no - not only is it not a 'good thing', it is a 'bad thing'. Why? - stating the obvious - the very fact that this thread has been going so long with so little positive input from Sky; that there is no statement that they recognise that there is a very serious problem with what is disingenously branded an on demand service (i.e. you get it when you want it), and that there seems no intention to investigate and resolve the issue (there may be - if so just tell us). So this thread has left me feeling very glum and disenchanted with Sky.Daveboy75,In my experience the issues you are seeing may not be related to the wireless connector, and could be more related the the entire Sky On Demand service. I'm using a wired connection Internet connect straight into my sky box and have been having similar issues (mainly during peak viewing times) with On Demand being worse than useless (I waste time trying, then have to abort, and find something else to watch). Your experiences with your PS3 are also very similar to mine, which clearly point to Sky not investing the money into their service.Appalling in my view given the huge amounts of money I pay to Sky every single month. Being treated with such contempt when I am paying out good money is really starting to grate.Personally getting close to canning the entire Sky Movies/On Demand rubbish and using 25% of the money I save in inflated subscriptions to to pay for a Love Film or NetFlix subscription - and pocketing a lot in saved monthly subscriptions at the same time. Granted the choice isn't as good as Sky, but at least it works and at least they don't reserve all the premium titles in the manner Sky does with their Sky Store so they can cream even more money off their customers.Shame - been a Sky custgomer for the best part of 20 years, and am now close to defecting - all because Sky can't be bothered to invest in their service - without these issues I would have been blissfully using the service without even looking at alternatives, but feel my hand is being forced now.Come on Sky - sort this out! This isn't rocket science. There ARE alternatives, and only inertia is keeping some of your customers with you, and that won't last forever.Well I've finally spoken to someone at Sky who seems to know what they're talking about (although he did try the "problem with your internet" line first). After following the instructions he gave me, my On Demand now works, i.e. I can start to watch programmes immediately (via the Sky wireless connector) - it used to take an hour to download an hour long programme.I selected an hour longSD programme to download at 7:30pm last night (which is probably a good indication of peak time) and it started playing immediately. I then tried an HD programme but this was taking some time (i.e. I couldn't watch it straight away) so I cancelled the download asI was going out for the evening. However, as the HD programme was 1.3gb in size, it will obviously take longer to download than something that is 500mb, so I'll have another go and post up with my findings.Anyway, I don't recall seeing the instructions I was given on this forum so I'll post them up now.When I refer to"the box" I mean the Sky +HD box, and not the wireless connector:In my case it was. I was told that it may take up to 72 hours for this to take effect, but in my case it was instantaneous. For reference, my broadband wireless router (BT with Home Hub 3) is in the front upstairs bedroom and the Sky box is in the living room at the rear of the house (I live in a 3 bed detatched).Based on my previous findings (PS3, laptop and mobile phone all worked perfectly in living room), and thelength of this forum (my first post was four months ago)I think it is safe to say that Sky - whilst not being prepared to even admit there may be an issue with their product - have been busying themselves working on a solution, which clearly appears to be equipment related... one software update and suddenly it works (my Sky +HD box was brand new and installed by a Sky engineer - although Sky hadn't actually set me up for On Demand so the engineer never got to test the system).If anyone from Sky actually bothers to read this forum, you will see that you have seriously upset a lot of your paying customers withhowyou have dealtwith this issue - burying your heads in the sand, repeatedshifting of blame, and your customers having todo all the work. Personally, I am prepared to temporally accept a problem ifthe company makes a statement that you accept there is an issue, and you state your plansto resolve it. Just repeatedly stating "it's your broadband" is not good customer service, and this makes people feel as thoughSky'sattitude is "we've got your money, so what's the problem?".Anyway, I hope that what I have posted above helps some people out. I'll keep updating with how the service is working.Unfortunately this is not a problem with anyone's ISP. I would suggest Sky and BBC need to sort this out among themselves. Lets be honest, BBC is probably the most popular on-demand content provider in the UK and Sky subscribers have just been waiting for that day when it was available. I can start viewing an HD movie on any of Sky's movie channels in less than a minute (I'm on Sky fibre unlimited pro with 80/20 speeds) but iPlayer can take up to 2 minutes for each percentage point and as of 5% it hasn't made the programme available yet. I'm not patient like most of those paying for premium packages. So I got bored waiting for the Sky box and switched to my Apple TV to use iplayer over AirPlay with my phone and it started playing in seconds.Moral of the story, sort the bandwidth or delivery system out Sky. After years of an inferior on demand selection to Virgin's you almost caught up. This sort of amateurish setup will make you fall by the wayside again. Take a leaf out of Apple's book also and admit to your mistakes and detail what you are doing to resolve. Save frustrating your loyal customersI am having very similar problems. My Broadband is working fine and provides approx 7MB of download speed, and my Sky HD box is connected to the router via a direct wired ethernet connection. Replays from my PC or tablet using iPlayer, SkyGo, ITVPlayer all work fine and replay typically commences within a few seconds of pressing play. Bandwidth tests show I have a fully working broadband connection.However on the Sky HD box, it can take several hours before a film or programme played using On Demand can be played back - a standard definition film I tried to put on for the kids yesterday evening took 3 hours to download (it was only a 1.5 hour film!). The film wouldn't replay at all until it was 100% downloaded. Sometimes it works okay, but during peak periods on Demand is now next to useless .Another symptom I have seen is that the slower the download speed, the higher percentage of the programme that needs to be downloaded before playback begins. This seems totally backwards, as it just further delays playback when the system is running slow. Is this a ploy on Sky's part to get users to abort playbacks during busy periods and avoid clogging up the service? Or is this simply a poorly implemented algorithm in the Sky Box itself which is attempting to delay replay to ensure that the programme can be played to completion once its started? If so its a very flawed approach as it currently stands as from what I can tell, if a programme needs longer to download than the replay duration of the programme itself, replay is prevented until the entire programme has been downloaded. And when the On Demand service is running like a dog (which recently seems to be often), this seems to happen for every single film attempted.I've also had issues recently with the On Demand service being either totally unavailable or available intermittently (on the netowork setup screen, the broadband service is shown as up but the Sky service is shown as down - you can even sit on that screen and watch it coming and going). Whilst this is happening, my broadband is all up and working and providing a perfect service for other devices on the network.Given these issues are 100% definitely not associated with an issue with my broadband connection, and given this gets worse at busy times (evenings in particular), I can only assume this is a problem at the Sky end of the On Demand service. Come on Sky - this isn't rocket science - other providers can provide a speedy and reliable service. Please invest what needs to be invested in your network/servers in order to get this service back up to par. Your customers are currently paying a great deal of money for what is at present a very shoddy service.Until Sky can sort this out, On Demand has effectively become a total waste of time - perhaps its time to give NetFlix a go or Love Film a go? It costs a lot less than the movies package, and would appear to not be plagued by these horrible performance issues and service drop outs.Have noticed that since getting the new EPG on the box that a number of more recently aired shows are available now that aren't on the Samsung in the house still on the latest EPG for that brand of box. Sky shows work, such as this weeks Arrow, but when trying to download The Walking Dead - Season 4 episodes from Fox, an error message pops up saying to contact Sky to upgrade, even though we're on the full package. I'm guessing this just means it's a mistake that these shows pop-up on the Irish on-demand service or is it a mistake that The Walking Dead has that message when trying to download?Would suggest that one does the tests. Have done them myself. It is a bind. One knows in ones heart that ones set up is OK. If all is OK on you side then it is someones elses problem.What is more annoying is the fact we are keeping SKY aware of the situation thoughtout the country. They are saying they know there is an issue but they cannot find the fault.A company that has been in the position of supplying the Internet in the UK and they cannot sort out our problem.Why they cannot isolate one area in the country and fix that, I do not know.Come on SKY.State the situation you are in. Then we can hammer onto someone else.You are our supplier. Many of us are tied into contracts. Because of this poor service some want to leave. However, are contract bound and they say the will have to pay to be released from contracts.The longer we wait the more bad publicity that you get and the customers you lose. Or are we going to face another BT sell out.That is SKY sell their BB interests to another ISP.Here's my original post - posted in UK by accident....Maybe someone can shed some light on this,.... as I'm losing the will to live over this issue and can't bare the thought of another 3 hours on the phone to Sly with no resolution:HiOver the past few weeks I've noticed a dip in BB speeds (nothing changed internally in the house...)I had to work from home Friday.... and I was barely getting 1MB. I did a number of troublehsooting steps and followed everything on the Sky pageI then spent 3-4 hours on the phone with Sky, Nothing changed.. I was asked to remove faceplates from Eircom property,... I was asked to go into the loft (that isn't boarded) and unplug various cables which I'm not willing to doToday I received a waste of time call back.... telling me I need to be in the house - and they can't call me back later - they can only take calls in and I'll need to call back. If I'd known Friday I could call the Fault team i would have!!So 4 days later and still no fix.Now I've been a Sky customer over 30 years and never had an issue... until you started doing broadband... maybe stick to what you know Sky?So .... I live in a bungalow - 4/5 points ... Main room w/Sky box and BB. then a multi room box with connection point and then 2 phone points. Main point is in the living room with the main box.Upstream is 1020, Downstream is 4400....it was 8300 on Friday.I'm not at homeIt's also important to mention the house is occupied by my mother (OAP with 2 hip and knee replacements who can't get into the loft)And myself - I broke my back... so getting into the loft and jumping from one rafter to another .. some what Tarzan like... isn't something I can doI really hope Sky fixes this .... I'm paying 150 euro a month I expect a bit more help. UPC is looking very attractive at this stageCan you please get this sorted - send an engineer - UPC would have.....Thanks......TaraTo be honest, that I am in the bark about. I did all the checks that could be completed and also posted my Hub stats on this forum..They did say that they had a warning from their supplier that due to the recent storm there may be some issues.From looking at other forums your competitors do not seem to be having a similar issue.The loss of speed was very dramatic.My hub stats have remained the same throughout.My speeds I have checked very few hours using servers around Ireland and they appear to be back to normal. I shall wait until this evening and to see what happens.Is it not unusual that the customers that are having similar problems are all in the Douglas area of Cork. In this area there are two exchanges.I attached to Douglas , the other is Hettyfield.This is now beyond belief.How is it that I get back to normal of 8.65 first thing in the morning. About mid afternoon my speed drops by half and the in the evening drops by nearly half agin.All I can believe that is happening. Is that someone is pulling the plug on speed.Shall see what happens this evening, once more.From the posts on this forum , I am not the only one.Just in case anyone asks. The master socket is one installed by Eircom some months ago. My internet is connected to one side and the phone with its filter to the other.My Stats on the Hub are the same as recently posted.I tested speed this morning at ..6.40 and got a download speed of 10.78Mbps when I returned home from work at 16.45 I get a speed of 2.43 Mbps.This issue can not be on my end(equipment,socket,micro filter etc as nothing has changed in the last few months since I signed up to sky.)I am starting to see worrying parallels on this forum with issues that were well documented in the past with providers who signed too many customers without proper infrastructure in place .if my speed is ok at 6.40 in the morning but paltry in the evening then I would like to speak to a sky representative who will be able to deal with my query.i have switched off and unplugged router.i have plugged into test socket.i have changed nothing in my setup.I am concerned........As requested by Laura last night here are stats taken at 16.55Broadband Link Downstream UpstreamConnection Speed 18425 kbps 1020 kbpsLine Attenuation 20.0 dB 7.7 dBNoise Margin 7.3 dB 13.13 dBI thought we had contacted sky on this forum.they have our account details .they know our problem.i thought that the days of squeaky wheel gets the grease customer issue resolution ,had gone with the advent of competition in the telecoms market.i don't have the time or emotional energy to repeat over and over with customer service.the problem I have is easily resolved or not?i would just like an answer one way or the other.techinical glitches happen.i can accept that and wait for a resolution.No Phone Call.Was I ever going to get one ?This morning when I asked to speak to a manager, the agent went and spoke to a body. The response to me that he was busy and would ring me before a certain time. 6PM Just Now.A customer has a complaint and a Supervisor it too busy to deal with it. My, who is more important his meeting or the customer who has a problem. He has been at a meeting for several hours. It now looks that SKY are no longer interesting in solving the problem or possibly losing my business. Sure I am only one.My opinion of Sky CS Management has certainly dropped.Was promised 12 never came any where near it.Mobile BB was faster.Now my profile from 10.239 down to just over 8.noise margin before was 7.3dB Down 13.13 UpLine attenuation was the same. Just now figuresBroadband Link Downstream UpstreamConnection Speed 8126 kbps 828 kbpsLine Attenuation 31.5 dB 15.1 dBNoise Margin 10.6 dB 18.18 dBSky have stated to me around 6/7db they aim for.My speed is never in my opinion going to return to what it was.Eircom who called this morning and tested everything say the is no problem.SKY are now telling me there is nothing they can do.What has gone wrong. My speed was always up 8.65 . For a while went down a Master Socket problem. Sorted.The Irish consumer is caught again. Now caught between the retailer and wholesaler. Who both say sorry , "nothing we can do".I am not going to win.In my many years in Commercial Sales I have never left a Customer who may have a problem waiting on me. I was thought that one custmorer complaining loses you more business , then one who is satisfied .All I can think of now is that SKY may no longer be interested in sorting out my problem. Take your business else where. Could be wrong but that is what I feel like.I shall await Darcy D's post if any to the mail I sent or this one.Last thought is that all ISP's have the great get out clause "up to ". They can say "up to" anything. Does not matter.They can take the money, but what about the service"Sky have said that that is not the problem. As they have plenty of banwidth.""Unless there is not enough bandwidth throughout the country for Sky. Sky has said to me that there is plenty of that."And you believe them? and you can be sure they've never been told anything about backhaul. They likely don't even know what it is.Secondly, Sky have form for this. Again, I direct you to this and other threads. Plenty of promises, not too many solutions. Even more relevant is the experience in the UK, where Sky signed up way too many customers (like here) and left users with an unusable service. Then too, they strung customers along with the distractions and fibs you see here, before fianlly admitting the truth.Artcle here:Do you have any reason to believe they are not doing the same here? I'm on a low priced early customer contract so sticking with my crap connection for the moment. As soon as my contract is up in January, I'm off, along with many other customers I'd imagine!Moderated: Removed inappropriate/unfounded allegationNo, as far as I know is has gone up the chain.The wholesaler is saying there is nothing wrong on their side ans Sky say the same.Yes, we are stuck between the two.Sky CS/management were contacting me regularly. However I am not available for to take calls to morrow or Friday.Did have private emails from the UK. Nothing since Friday.Contact berween Sky and its wholesale takes 5 working to complete. So I shall give all at least until this day week.Manana por la manana, (Left out the accents) Since I returned to Ireland waiting for any supplier to do complete a task takes time. If someone says 2 weeks, give it three.One is meeting somebody.say 6.30PM that can mean anytime upto 7pm.Even this afternoon I had a business appointment and the buyer was 20 minutes late withoit apology.That is what one has to deal with.Clarecustomer wrote:My speeds averaged 10 to 12 Mbps but in the last few days this has dropped to between 2 and 3 Mpbs .Nothing has changed in terms of equipment etc.i have switched off/ unplugged equipment etc.I would like to know if there is a problem that sky are aware of and a plan to resolve this issue.I realise that you will tell me customers are our priority etc but I need to know I will not get fobbed off.there is too much competition in the broadband provider market for people to pay and suffer poor service.i am alarmed to see the amount of online complaint about sky broadband.i have been happy with the service for 5 or 6 months but I am not prepared to hang on like a lemon with promises of action that go unfulfilled.Thanks in advance for your replyYes, have noticed the same.My average Speed for several months has been 8.65Mpbs and reasonablely happy at this. The last few evening been down to 2/3 and then going up to 5/6. But, it is all over the place ,nowMy internet connection has been intermittent over this weekend and it revolves aroud the dsl light on the openreach modem. If this light is off I do not get an internet connection. I think the problem relates to Openreach and not sky. I rang Sky on Saturday morning and went through some tests with the engineer but to no avail. I have now been told that I will have to wait 72 hours before someone will contact me again. I appreciate that that there is no sla on this type of connection. Just wondering if others have had similar faults and how can I get an openreach engineer out to look at the lineI have always remembered the advice of the wisest woman I have ever known who told me “The secret to a happy relationship is keeping a man well fed, always make an effort to look your best, talk to each other, find shared interests and most importantly never talk whilst football is on the television”. Why is this woman so wise? Not only is she my Granny but she is the only person I know who has been married for 50 years and is still truly in love so in my opinion in today’s world I’ll take that advice.So it’s no great mystery that most men love football that’s a given, so as I embarked on my adult life I had a preconceived acceptance that the man in my life would be passionate about a football team, talk endlessly about the offside rule and the wonders of the game. What Granny hadn’t prophesised was that this particular man doesn’t just support a football team with the vigour and passion usually reserved for the great arts and wonders of the world, but that in fact sport (and I do use that word loosely) is borderline obsessively and compulsively the centre of the universe.Not only am I continuously eulogised to around “the team”, the beauty of the at home record, the skill of their counter attack, their stoic defence, plethora of silverware and rich history but it manages to infiltrate the mood and atmosphere of my household. Like for example this past week where my home has encountered a dark cloud of mourning and wistful reminiscing shrouded in an “appreciation of a legacy”. I guess if I am being uber understanding and mindful of my own slight obsessions I could get the passion for a specific football team but how does that extend to every single game of football aired on television regardless of the league, country, teams that are playing or the language of the commentators (yep we even watch football with Russian, Italian, German and Gaelic commentary)., , , , , , and are just a small sample of the sporting events that grace my television and my life daily. Take darts for example, at the risk of causing uproar (and a repeat of a two hour discussion on the commitment, dedication and skills required in darts) it isn’t a sport really is it? I refuse to see how two men throwing something at a static object is a sport. I don’t see Phil “The Power” Taylor having a gruelling training regime, strenuously running 20 miles a day and limbering up before he steps up to the oche with some lunges and stomach crunches?. But maybe I am just completely oblivious and ignorant in my generalised view of what constitutes sport which is possibly why until now I have found no interest in any sport, in any country or in any language.So in the spirit of taking the advice of a wise woman I took it upon myself to share the interests of my other half and become involved in his great passion to understand the joy he finds in all sports. So I settled myself comfortably next to him on the sofa to watch a double header of the NBA. I figured Basketball is a good way to ease myself in, it doesn’t last for hours like other sports and its pretty fast paced so surely it’ll be a breeze.In a nutshell basketball games last forever. They have tea breaks every 5 minutes, make substitutions even more regularly so you have no idea who is who, they have some very interesting names (who knew World Peace was actually a name?) and they feel the need to consistently give each other hugs and high fives. However, I have to say these two hours was not a complete loss I actually managed to get a small grasp of the rules and the tactics of Basketball and even managed to surprise him with my own sporting knowledge.The look of complete awe appeared etched across his face within two minutes as a result of my reeling off of the notable player’s names. Lamar Odom, Carmelo Anthony, Tony Parker, Kobe Bryant. I know what you’re thinking; I must really have prepared for this, taken my research seriously and avidly gone to the ends of the earth to share the great passion of the man in my life, what a woman. Alas, my adept knowledge came from my own obsessive compulsive passion for celebrity news. I knew my in depth knowledge of the love lives of celebrities would serve me well but of course in the spirit of maintaining relations on the home front I kept this insider knowledge to myself and revelled in his newly found appreciation of my sporting trivia.Unfortunately though Sports Fans this story does not end with the great epiphany, the branching over the divide or the happily ever after you might expect. My first evening of NBA action was also my last. I have resigned myself that I will never understand the joy of sport, will never be jumping up and down on the sofa and shouting at a commentator who cannot hear me. I will never arrange my schedule around the Premier League, World Darts, WBC Lightweight Championship bouts, UFC 9million or the French Open. I will however bask in the knowledge that this is exactly why was invented.Get yourself connected to the home of Sport atDo have an email account from O2?If you have an email account from o2.co.uk you may have noticed some of the features have stopped working, please read on...On the 1 November, O2 closed the o2.co.uk email accounts for all mobile customers. Home Broadband customers moving over to Sky were not affected, and can continue to access their o2.co.uk mail account.O2 previously provided all their customers with a free o2.co.uk email account, some people used it, but lots didn’t – preferring to use other email services like Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo! From 1 November 2013, all o2.co.uk email accounts were closed, except for those customers with Home Broadband who are moving over to Sky.As part of O2’s closure of their o2.co.uk email service, some additional features were closed forALLcustomers including those with Home Broadband. On the 1 November, the following additional features closed:Not all customers were made aware of the changes to some of the additional o2.co.uk features, for this we apologise for any inconvenience caused.If you’re a Home Broadband customer, you can continue to use the following o2.co.uk email services:You may want to set up and use our free email service SkyYahoo! Mail, which has simple apps that let you access your email on your mobile/smartphone, as well as providing Contacts, Calendar and other features - click for a breakdown of how to set up on various devices.For help on how to forward emails and contacts from your o2.co.uk email account to SkyYahoo! Mail or some other popular email providers click for our FAQ's on switching to Sky and go to section 6: Your old O2 services.Hi Everyone,To ensure that all of our members receive responsenotifications we will be changing the default settings for the whole community to automatically subscribe members to topics they participate in.What does this mean?In doing this it means that every member will receive an email advising that there has been a response to their post. Email address used will be the one linked to your forum account.What if I don't want to receive these email's?If you do not want to receive email notifications, you can change this within your settings.Click 'Settings' above, select 'Preferences' tab then uncheck 'Automatically subscribe me to topics I participate in', click 'Save Changes'.I had an email account about 10 years ago with ntlworld. Moved over to sky emails years ago. Unfortunately recently people who send emails to me get an error message saying 'mail daemon message undeliverable'. The error message quotes my old obsolete ntlworld email account. The sender doesn't even enter ntlworld in the address. The email comes to my sky account but the sender doesn't know this. How do I rectify this? I have a feeling this error has occurred since changeover to yahoo. It's really annoying for the senders. Have the accounts been linked incorrectly some how? I would appreciate advice. Thank you.Both my wife and myself have tonight had emails that are indicated as arrived and unread on our ipad and iphone BUT are simple not there. Thay are not in apple mail neither are they in Sky / Yahoo mail account. BUT WAIT. I decided to DELETE my apple mail account and we asked Amazon again to update our password as we had forgotten it. This was the email that we couldn't see as mentioned above. NOW with Apple Mail deleted THERE WE HAVE IT. It is in our ipad / iphone accounts and shows in our SKY / YAHOO accounts as well.This I think proves it is an Apple Mail issue. But why. Sky say we should setup Apple mail with incoming 'imap.tools.sky.com' and outgoing as 'smtp.tools.sky.com. ARE THESE CORRECT, as someone else online says Sky have it wrong and it should be:-Incoming 'apple.imap.mail.yahoo.com' and outgoing as 'smtp.tools.sky.com'for now I shall bypass Apple MailHaving changed my broadband from AOL to Sky, and my BT line from BT to Sky, I wanted to dispel with AOL completely so I setup sky emails. Not Yahoo but Sky, so I assume the incoming server is imap.tools@sky.com and not the yahoo setup. I then setup my mac computer mail client to sky emails, similarly with my iphone5. I have a gmail email account setup to forward any emails to my sky email account. I had to do this because SKY will not let me use the sky email address to setup the sky account. I have never used gmail so none of my contacts have the gmail email address, so the problem doesn't lie there. I DO NOT lose every email, but for some reason, every day, one or two or even more emails arrive into my sky email address. I see them first on my iphone5. However, as soon as i hit the mail icon on my phone to view the emails that are showing as new, the emails open and I have but 1-2 seconds before they scoll up on my phone and disappear never to be found again. Where have they gone. I requested a fund raising pack from the lottery 'Awards for All', this was one of the emails that I had a second to see had come in but alas it disappeared before I could open it. Is this a SKy or SKY/YAHOO issue, or is it the Apple mail client that is causing this, either way, no-one will OWN it and NOBODY wants to give any answers to correct it. PLEASE, PLEASE, someone must have a clue!!!Kei MI don't think this is an issue with web client as the relevant email has not been received by orange (freesereve) webmail - As stated in the message from yahoo mailer daemon it had not been sent. In any case the other email sent at the same time was received by orange webmail. (Although your link does not show client settings for Outlook 2013 I can confim they are as required ie 995 for the pop3 port and 465 for the smtp port). Whilst composing this I see a message implying that i have said I am now receiving all messages.Hi dave.., eSeM1 (Contributor) posted a new Reply in on 18-12-2013 04:14 PM: I have not made any such comment.Dave..I understand Stueyg, We need to ensure all information for sending emails are correct to ensure this is not preventing the recipient from receiving the email. For Outlook 2010 can you follow the below steps - - Go to file and select info, select account settings and when this opens drop down select account settings again. - Select the email tab and then your sky.com email address - Select change and then check the outgoing mail server is smtp.tools.sky.com - Click more settings and go into advanced tab - Ensure the Outgoing service (SMTP) port number is 465 and make sure SSL is ticked. - Click OK and then close to save the settings For you iPhone and iPad if you can run through the following steps - - Tap settings and then go into mail, contacts, calendars - Under accounts select your sky.com email address - If you can ensure the SMTP is set to smtp.tools.sky.com - Tap smtp.tools.sky.com and ensure the port number is 465. If you can then send an email and see if the person sent to receives this email. Thanks, - If you can select advanced and ensure SSL is on.I called Sky, got transferred to Sky.com and after holding for a few minutes the line went dead.Called back and spoke to someone that thought that my account may be locked again half way through the conversation the line died.I tried calling back and got a message to say that the office is now closed.Sky mail seems to be one problem after another. First I get my account blocked for sending photos of kittens to my daughter, then I get the problem with the dissapearing emails ..... and now my account gets locked.Does anyone (apart from me) actually care?A few months ago I moved my broadband from TalkTalk to Sky because their email was unreliable ....I have been a Sky customer for a long time but problems like these and the lack of proper support are going to make me look elswhere ..... I am off to start a new topic on Lounge LabFirst occurrence I am now aware of was on Friday when I was using an Android tablet to send a mail.The email is in the 'Sent Items' folder on the tablet.All of the emails sent yesterday are in my Live Mail 'Sent Items' folder.The emails are being delivered to the smtp.tools.sky.com server and are then disappearing into the ether.Yesterday I sent a total of 7 emails that were not delivered.I am now having to copy everything I send to one of my email accounts so I can be sure they are being deliveredI have the exact same problem, my advanced settings are incoming port 110, outgoing 25, no SSL with the settings like that in Outlook 2003 I receive all my e mails, but cannot send, getting the messageTask 'pop.tiscali.co.uk - Sending' reported error (0x800CCC78) : 'Unable to send the message. Please verify the e-mail address in your account properties. The server responded: 530 5.7.1 Authentication required'if i change the SSL incoming and outgoing to those suggested by Sky I cannot send or receive e mailsI have tried ringing sky there answer after 20 minutes was to re set up my sky account !!!!I have tried re setting my yahoo password, any other ideas for this rubbish e mail system that sky are running.My e-mail has been fine up to this last change...PriteshvaidI totally agree, it's an outrage. The guy who installed it left me his number if I'd have trouble. Funny how nice they are when they are taking the money. Mark39, of course they cover themselves whatever way they see possible but I doubt you are staring at a blank screen for Christmas. What annoys me is they have time to install plenty of new sky boxes and forget that their existing customers should be priority. Money money money is what it's about. Not only that the customer service is an abomination I've never been spoken to like the way they do and I worked in a similar role. No apology nothing. So think of me mark when I'm staring at a blank screen and unfortunately I'm not rich I can't just buy something else. I know it's not the end of the world but as pritshevaid put it, they have enough money to put on more people around Christmas knowing adverse weather conditions happen yet that costs money so no.. I'm intelligent and understand its business. I would hate to work for a company that really doesn't care about the customer and only to line their pockets. Terms and conditions....please. They are money grabbers, not cAring about the people who make them so rich. Half those engineers are just installing new ones, and I can guarantee you they are told to put them priority cos they won't be making money coming out fixing my sky box. I worked for a company like that who only wanted to keep selling selling and not taking interest in anyone. Not only that to add insult to injury, you are charging me one euro extra a month from feb for no good reason. Apparently you are making my viewing pleasure better. Ya a blank screen.tell you, I'm a calm person but nothing annoys me more then the greed and the sheer rudeness of your call centre. Il not only make an official complaint to trading standards but il let everyone know the terrible attitude you guys have at sky,Hi there, not sure if it's been requested yet (I'm sure it has) but please could you enhance the 5.1 over hdmi so that it's not forced into DD only. A majority of televisions cannot decode a straight DD signal and most HDMI av equipment such as an XBOX or Blu Ray player let the recieving source, be it a TV or an AV receiver decide what can be used, be it a standard PCM signal or 5.1. For example, if a sky hd box is connected to an amp that is in standby and the sky box is set to dd over hdmi, no sound will be output from the tv for an dd programs because the set cannot decode it. Whilst the current functionality is welcome, for a majority of users I imagine it is of no help and still requires the use of a optical or coax cable to the amp. Many thanks in advance, Kind Regards, Paul.Entertainment Extra+......giving you a whole lot moreWe want to ensure that our customer’s get the most from Sky and that means enjoying the benefits of our flagship products and services including Sky HD. We want to make sure that our HD service is accessible for all enhancing your viewing experience with HD picture and sound qualityand that’s why in April we are introducing a brand new TV pack called Entertainment Extra +.What is Entertainment Extra+Available alongside our existing TV packs Entertainment and Entertainment Extra, Entertainment Extra+ - will offer access to more than 45 HD channels including ITV2, MTV, Sky 1, Sky Atlantic, Sky Living, Sky Arts, Discovery and Fox, all in HD. And that’s not all….FAQ's : Everything you need to know about Entertainment Extra+How much will it cost for me to upgrade to Entertainment Extra+?For more information on Entertainment Extra+ and other packages click Will there still be just one 3D Channel?Yes there will continue to be one dedicated Sky 3D channel. With the new Entertainment Extra+ pack you will be able to view 3D content in line with your subscription.So, what 3D content will i get if i upgrade to Entertainment Extra+?With Entertainment Extra+ you will be able to watcha wealth ofentertainment contenton the Sky 3D channel (with the exception of Sky Sports/Movies content unless you have the relevant Movies/Sports subscription).If i have multiroom does the Entertainment Extra+ pack give me HD on all of my boxes?Yes, if you have Sky HD in more than one room with multiroom you will recieve the Entertainment Extra+ pack on each box.Will i receive Sky F1 HD as part of Entertainment Extra+ ?To receive the Sky Sports F1 you will require to have the Sky Sportsand HD Subscription to receive this channel.It seems I also got the same problem with my brand new Samsung Galaxy Tablet 10.1 2014 edition I only justPurchased a few days ago.It doesn't make any sense that I can watch on demand or download and then watch stuff but not live content as the screen goes blank after about a minute I also get the Error 17 a saying try again later. How is it I can stream on demand stuff but not live channels such as movies sports news etc?Please could someone be able to advise me on this. My brand new tablet running version Android OS v 4.3This might just work for you as it worked for me. At the back of your skybox, disconnect both dish signal connections and swap them around so the one that was on the right goes to the far left and the one that was on the far left goes to the right. If this does not work then there is something completely wrong with the skybox. I just had this no satellite problem, called sky, they told me to do that and it worked. Sorry if im abit late with the solution since ive posted this reply quite sometime after you posted saying you had a problem quite a while agoPossible causes:Dish misalignment, LNB failing or incorrect skew. Any one, or combination can result in a select loss of channels by Band/Polarisation.Multiswitch. Maybe a problem. There may possibly be more than one of these supplying the flats. Either malfunctioning, or the connections just need cleaning up.Faceplate in the flat. Dirt/building debris often accumulates on the inside of the plate causing signal attenuation ( loss/reduction of signal strength). Also, oxidisation on the F-connectors. Maybe a good cleanup inside the plate is required. Maybe also cut back the cables and remake with new F-connectors if there's enough spare cable.Your digibox. What is the Make & Model? Components can fail, or stop working properly. Well known suspects are Thomsons.When you get these problems in the evening, are you able to try your box on your neighbour's set up? ( the one without problems ). Not always possible, of course, but it's worth a go, to ascertain if your box is the problem.HiI have an old white Sky+ box.Over the last week I noticed that the Irish channels were buffering and some had no signal message at times but all other channels fine. On Wednesday night 11th December I checked on sky website and it said to turn off box at mains wait 4-5 mins and turn on again - which I did and I checked all the cables. No adverse weather or issues with dish. However now all the channels are gone with error 29 saying no signal.When I rang Sky Following day as 20 min delay on phone I got a very helpful guy Ronan who asked me to do the same and same result. He said I could get an engineer for ?100 or their protect scheme for same price. But he said the had an offer of free HD box and installation (?480 value) for only ?7.50pm so this was a better option. I also went for half price movies for 6 months.He put in my order and then said they were having problems with the installation system and he could not confirm a date before Xmas but they would be releasing dates in next few days. He put me in provisionally for 8th Jan to get the order set up and said he would ring me on Saturday to confirm earlier date.He rang today twice with update but then said they cannot give me earlier date...I have a credit for loss of service and if I can get an independent installer out to look at the current box, they will give me credit of upto ?40 which would probably not cover the call out.I am very disappointed that a large company like sky cannot get an installer out within 7 working days (excluding Saturdays and Xmas eve)...And when I notice them advertising in shopping centres to upgrade before 20th Dec to get it for Xmas...Any help anyone before I go to UPC and regret it for the next year of contract BUT at least have TV over Xmas with 2 kids and full family coming over????Hi Hielen, Thanks for taking the time to post on the Sky Forum. Not too good to see your having problem access SkyGo, can you try the following and let me know is this helps. Kill all apps.-To Do This--Push the home button twice,All the apps that are running will show at the bottom of the screen--Hold down one app until the minus sign is showing-Select the minus sign on all apps to close them down. Delete Sky Go app Press settings Scroll to Safari Clear history Clear cookies Scroll to advanced Press remove website data Press Safari at the top left Press settings Press Wi-Fi the customers home wifi network press on arrow on the right Press renew lease Press Wi-Fi Press settings Turn Airplane mode on Press and hold power button Slide to power OFF Power on again Before you can install Apps and use the Internet connection you will need to turn OFF the Airplane mode to do this,Press settings-slide Airplane Mode to OFF Reinstall Sky Go Sign in again Cheers,Evening Brendan+c, Raphizz and Brown-dog, Sorry for the delay and that this is still persisting on your device's, I know what this is like as i have experienced this before with both my iPad and iPhone 5. I understand you all have deleted the app rebooted the device and re-installed the app and this has not helped with Error code 7, can I get you to remove the app (from the running app bar aswell, double press the home button) clear the browser history and privacy data for safari and any other web browsers you have on the device and then close all running app's. Once completing this can you reboot the device and once back on please reinstall Sky Go from the App store and then try this before opening any other app. When I had this happen all i had to do was delete, close all apps reboot and reinstall and this resolved the issue. I look forward to hearing from you soon and if you need further assistance can you please let me know what device, version of iOS and version of app you are currently using? Thanks,Hi,my update on this following my posts a few days ago describing what I had tried, good news and bad news.TLDR version: I did a full-restore of my iPad, downloaded SkyGo and it worked.Long version... I got a call-back from Sky after a private-message from them after posting on thisthread last week,the summary of the voicemail the Sky person left is: "If you've done all the normal things suggested like shutdown/restart/uninstall/reinstall/flight-mode on/flight-mode off/etc etc etc... then it looks like what has happened is that when you upgraded to IOS 6.1.3 your screen must have gone into 'lock mode' which caused the update to not complete correctly and probably left corrupted files - you should back up and restore your iPad".I don'treally acceptthe above explanation - nothing against the Sky contact that left the message but my iPad had been working fine in every other aspect since the IOSupgrade apart from the SkyGo error (and the word 'corrupted' tends to get used extremely often in place of "we don't really know what's going on").In any case, I went to try a backup/restore of my iPad in iTunes but hit more software problems, this time iTimes wouldn't backup my iPad. I didn't have much data on the iPadso I bit the bullet and performeda full iPad back-to-factory settings restore. After the restore I downloaded the SkyGo app and it worked, no moreError Code 7.So not ideal... but at least it's working now and I just have to spend some time redownloading all my iPad apps.Cheers,Brendan.Hi Cjefccj, Thanks for taking the time to let us know you are having this issue. As per previous posts on this thread, Error Code 7 is something that we are aware of and are working to put a wide spread fix out for. In the meantime, can you follow the bellow steps and let me know if this resolves the issue for you? Kill all apps.-To Do This--Push the home button twice,All the apps that are running will show at the bottom of the screen--Hold down one app until the minus sign is showing-Select the minus sign on all apps to close them down. Delete Sky Go app Press settings Scroll to Safari Clear history Clear cookies Scroll to advanced Press remove website data Press Safari at the top left Press settings Press Wi-Fi the customers home wifi network press on arrow on the right Press renew lease Press Wi-Fi Press settings Turn Airplane mode on Press and hold power button Slide to power OFF Power on again Before you can install Apps and use the Internet connection you will need to turn OFF the Airplane mode to do this,Press settings-slide Airplane Mode to OFF Reinstall Sky Go Sign in again Cheers,Hi greggles+martin, I can appreciate how frustrating the Error Code 7 issue can be and hope to get this resolved for you as quickly as possible. Before I can escalate your issue, I need you to confirm that you are logging in with the same credentials as your primary Sky iD account that allows you to check your account bills on-line, and when you have deleted the app did you also reboot your phone (turned it off and on) before you re-installed the app again? Also a few other customers that have advised their phone's were not jailbroken have resolved this issue by restoring their device (iPhone 4s) back to factory settings and then re-installing the Sky Go application. Sky cannot provide assistance however, if you wish to do this, you would need to contact Apple directly or your mobile provider. ThanksThis should fix it:1. Open Microsoft Silverlight by going to the Start Menu > All Programs > Microsoft Silverlight.2. Click on the Application Storage tab.3. Ensure the box is checked to Enable Application Storage at the bottom of the window.4. Select any entries in the window that mention Sky, Sky Go or Sky Player and hit the delete button to remove these entries.5. Click on the Playback tab and ensure the box is checked to Enable download and updates to components required for protected content playback.I had 2 registerred devices my netbook and an iphone 3, me and the wife then both got an iphone 4 so I de-registerred the devices we had and registerred the 2 new iphones. However both were sent back due to not working now we have 2 new iphones.I have de-registerred the 2 iphones we had and have so far registerred one of the new iphone 4's, however when I try to watch anything I get "Video unavailable, unable to connect to stream. (Error:23).Can anyone help.CheersUpdate - I have now registerred the wifes phone and that is working fine, mine still giving me error:2305:55. My smartphone beeps. The BBC iPlayer Radio app starts streaming Radio 4 over the wi-fi. Normally, I doze whilst listening to the last five minutes of “Farming Today” (always fascinating to a townie like me) and then, as soon as the news headlines and weather are over, it’s time to get up. Not today though. England’s cricketers are in New Zealand, so it’s TV on for a quick catch up with the latest score, then into the shower.06:30. Mrs. speedyrite is awake now, checking the planner on both of our Sky+HD set-top boxes using the on her tablet to see what new recordings have been made the previous evening and overnight. She’s also browsing and (to supplement the Sky+ app’s Highlights section) on the look out for new things to record and watch.06:45. Time to go to work. Before I set off, I start streaming my podcast playlist via bluetooth from my smartphone to the car audio system. It might be “The Archers” or a tech podcast (such as “The Guardian’s Tech Weekly” or “The PC Pro Podcast” or “Frequencycast”) or Friday Night Comedy from BBC Radio 4. Then, it’s a 20 mile (mostly motorway) drive to the client’s location at the edge of the Cotswolds.07:30. I like to get to work early so that I can get on with a few things while it’s still quiet in the office.It still says “Computer Programmer” as occupation on my passport. Those were the days! When I first got into IT (or computing as it was called then) as a trainee back in 1980, my job was mostly software development - coding and testing programs to run as part of vast complex back-office systems on “big iron” (as IBM mainframe computers were sometimes referred to).Nowadays, I’m mostly working at the business requirements and systems analysis end of the spectrum. This involves talking to the client’s business users and finding out what changes they need to make to their systems, and translating that information into specifications for system and software changes. Mostly it’s about changing existing software to do ever more complicated things, but sometimes some new software needs to be designed and written.I still like to think of myself as a computer programmer. But I’m also very interested in computer networks, telecoms and technology in the home. My day-to-day work doesn’t involve me in such matters, but I’ve taken a couple of courses covering some of these areas over the past three years (just for my own interest).10:00 I find a minute for a quick check on the close of play cricket score via the on the smartphone. Sometimes I think I’d like to stream over 3G to my smartphone, so I can keep an eye on it live - but I don’t have unlimited data on my mobile plan and there’s no wi-fi hotspot available to use.12:30: A cup of tea and a sandwich. I pop down to the restaurant and watch the lunchtime news on the big TV for a few minutes. It’s usually on BBC News or with the sound muted and the subtitles on. I wonder if the subtitles are produced by speech recognition software?17:00. Hopefully it’s been a day of progress! Back in the car, the car audio system’s DAB radio is tuned to “Drivetime” on BBC Radio 2 for the journey home.Evening: I have a look at the to see if there are any interesting threads to which I can (hopefully) contribute some useful help and advice for the benefit of other readers. My main interest is the board, but I’m also involved in some Community Trials so I need to keep up-to-date with the latest goings on there too.We only watch news and sport on l i v e TV. Everything else is watched . We might watch two or three recordings off the planner. Or we might rent a movie from the iTunes store and stream it via Apple TV.We upgraded to in April 2012 and got a tenfold increase in throughput download speed. A super-fast broadband connection makes a massive difference: downloading something from one of the services on Sky+HD takes just a few minutes to complete and a streamed movie can be watched instantly without seeing any buffering. Happy days!model no: R008.063.49.08Pversion:4F3102Sorry for the delay- I was expecting another e-mail when a reply appeared but didn't get it.I have figured itout thanks to Anne-M. I discovered it was happening all the time only when my wife turned the box off using the remote. What she would do is turn the TV off then press the tv guide then the stand by button. So, the box was actually on the TV guide even though it could not be seen before pressing the stand-by button. I have instructed her to press the sky button before the stand-by button. Thanks for all your helpRaySomeone asked me to post how I got on with my ADSL->VDSL ("fibre") self-install move so here we go :6/12/13 - ordered the 80/20 service via phone;10/12/13 - letter arrived with install date of 19/12/13;12/12/13 - router arrived;19/12/13 - first blip offline at 13:50, line went dead at 1400, line still dead at 1415 so I went down to the cabinet to chat to the Openreach guy. I'm the first one on the cabinet and he had to go back and forth to exchange checking just to be sure he'd done it right as its the first one he's done where he can't test using the JDSU from the premises. Nice guy and I've seen where he's put the pair (top right) so looks good for minimising xtalk in the PCP. Poor sod lives where I used to, no FTTC and the lines are rubbish.Went back home and line was sync'd at 80/15 which didn't look good. Speed looked awful (75Mbps d/s, 4Mbps u/s) so I disconnected MER and rebooted the router.Stats after reboot look better :D/s rate 79987U/s rate 20000D/s atten 14.7dBU/s atten 0.0dBD/s margin 19.7dBU/s margin 21.21dB (looks like a dodgy value to me)UK speedtests give 75Mbps+ downstream and 18.5-19Mbps upstream with latencies varying from 9 to 16ms.Only worry really was some call from Sky that the callblocker rejected (shouldn't have, you guys have pressed the right button to get through before) - was wondering if that was a "your ord
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This is not a shared view though. The limitation on the number of SpAds is not popular with ministers, nor – this might surprise you – with some civil servants. I have had a number of conversations over the past week or so in which the issue has come up unprompted each time. Ministers say the shotage of political advisers? leaves them at a disadvantage against the Whitehall machine. The argument goes like this: we are a new government, trying to get lots through, political advisers help to enforce our will through the system, by reducing the number we reduce our firepower. "It's unilateral disarmament, just when we can least afford it," one tells me. Officials say the loss of special advisers means the wishes of Downing Street do not get implemented with as much vigour. "They may regret leaving themselves without that extra muscle to get things done," one says. This is an alternative view to the consensus that SpAds had multiplied beyond their usefulness, and it no doubt a consequential to Mr Cameron's very deliberate decision to devolve more power to Secretaries of State. In a few months he may find the temptation to callin additional resources when the going gets tough irresistible.Looking back, there was something of the African coup about yesterday's events. Leader on a foreign jaunt, troops mutiny while he's away, loyal generals go rogue, leader reduced to asking foreign governments for statements of support, issues desperate late night promise to increase rebel pay, rebels tell him to get stuffed and shoot up the palace. Consider the past 24 hours: the Prime Minister goes to Washington, piles in to his critics, with the grip of a drowning man, then issues a sudden, half-baked concession – only for it to be dismissed as not enough by his backbench tormentors John Baron and Peter Bone on the Today programme just now.
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BERGOGLIO: Tell them please, “He's a Catholic.” It's no more complicated than that. Catholicism is what it is. You don't have to believe it; you may not. You don't have to follow it; you may not go to Mass. But it's not up to you to modernize us.
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Design fans should start saving for the third annual Nordic Design auction at , which will feature an impressive selection of pieces by some of the key names of the 20th century, from Finlands Tapio Wirkkala to Poul Henningsen from Denmark. The 1930s sofa and armchairs shown here are by Fritz Hansen and are expected to fetch between 20,000 and 30,000. Nordic Design, September 26.
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Now consider this: the data suggest that scarcely one in 12 married couples splits up by their child’s fifth birthday, while half of all parents who are cohabiting do so. Of course, these findings are still sneered at and dismissed by ruling-class institutions such as the British Academy and the BBC. The splendid thing about David Cameron in opposition was that he turned his back on fashionable opinion, and understood the full weight and importance of the institution of marriage.
2014-02-09 16:36:54

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