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So you want to be a transcriber. Your friend told you that a good place to bid for general transcription jobs is freelance sites Cheap Manuel Locatelli Jersey , and you can charge $25.00 per audio hour. (Legal and medical transcription are also options; however, you need schooling to be able to go into these fields.) Your initial thought may be Wow! I can make $25 an hour. Super!

Hold on, Charlie. Let me reiterate; that was per audio hour. So, what is an audio hour? Transcription jobs do not normally follow the same pay scales as other freelance jobs. That's right. General transcription is an odd ball.

An audio hour is the length of time that a speaker or speakers talk. Okay, so what's the big deal? You said that they might talk for an hour. So I can type it in an hour. No, no Cheap Lucas Ocampos Jersey , no, no, no. It could take you 4-6 hours to actually type that audio hour. If you have no experience at it, it can be even longer. Starting to get the picture?

You are normally not going to get rich in transcription. Audio recordings are not always clear and easy to understand. Maybe the recording is poor quality, or maybe you need to do extra research in order to get spelling of cities, countries Cheap Lucas Biglia Jersey , or industry-specific language, etc., correct. If your client instructs you to transcribe verbatim and to put time stamps every paragraph, every speaker, or whatever, it can cause you to tear out your hair.

My advice before you quit your job and go into the field of general transcription in a virtual environment is to bid for short audio recordings (if you're a freelancer) like 15-30 minutes long and try it. Or if your friend is still in the transcription business Cheap Luca Antonelli Jersey , spend some time with that individual. Learn what type of equipment your friend uses and what exactly does your friend do. It is essential that you do not put out poor quality work, or you will be blackballed in the transcription field; and your business will fail. That brings up another point.

In order to be a good general transcriptionist, you must have excellent language skills. Know frontwards and backwards your punctuation, grammar, and spelling. Pardon me if I am blunt here; your client does not want a piece of crap that he or she has to go back over and correct. You must have good listening skills. You will be listening to an audio that will sometimes have traffic in the background, airplanes Cheap Leonel Vangioni Jersey , banging noises, and all sorts of extraneous sounds; and you will need to listen carefully to hear what the speaker(s) are saying. This will all add to how long it takes to transcribe the material.

So in summary, it is not a piece of cake to transcribe. The pay is low, and there is a lot of time involved. You can charge by audio hour or even by audio minute, but be reasonable. If you like to type and enjoy providing good quality work to a client, general transcription can be a good way to supplement your income. When my partner and I first started transcribing Cheap Leonardo Bonucci Jersey , it would take the two of us a week or more to transcribe thirty minutes of audio. Now, we generally say that it takes us 24-48 hours to provide a completed audio hour of transcription. Transcribing is not always easy, and you definitely won't get rich overnight.
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BEIJING, July 8 (Xinhua) -- Beijing boy Song Andong's selection in America's NHL draft is expected to fuel huge enthusiasm for the sport in his hometown and boost the confidence of families who support their children to play ice hockey Cheap Keisuke Honda Jersey , an insider said.

Song, 18, became the first Chinese player to be picked in the draft of the National Hockey League last month.

China's famous director and filmmaker Ying Da was one of the excited parents whose sons played together with Song for years.

""A group of Beijing kids started to play ice hockey in central Beijing 12 years ago, my son and Song Andong were among them,"" recalled Ying, who pioneered in China's sitcom with the popular TV series I Love My Home more than 20 years ago.

""Since most of the children were born in the year of Tiger Cheap Juraj Kucka Jersey , the team was called Tiger Cubs,"" he added.

Song moved with his family to Toronto at the age of 10. Five years later, he went to New Jersey to play high-school hockey for Lawrenceville School before he was admitted to Philips Academy in Andover, Massachusetts, another top prep school, as a post-graduate.

Song will also continue to play internationally. He's captained the Chinese team in the past two years at the IIHF Division II-B World Under-18 Championship.

Ying believes that Song's path to the world's leading league would convince many Chinese parents that even in a less known sport Cheap Jose Sosa Jersey , their children still have the chance to rise to the top.

""Song's experiences has inspired us a lot,"" said Ying. ""He has managed to strike a good balance between his study and hockey, which make us more resolute to support our children in this sport.""

As Beijing is bidding for the 2022 Winter Olympics, winter sports have become more and more popular in the country which is traditionally strong in summer Games events like weightlifting, diving, gymnastics and shooting. A successful bid is expected to further promote winter sports in the country.

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