Qivana 的PRIME心血管系統


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Qivana 的PRIME心血管系統

The “Miracle Molecule” that Combats Aging. Most of us are willing to accept that many things just come along with aging – heart disease, poor memory, lack of energy, cold hands/feet, slower cognition, and sexual problems.The truth is that an incredible molecule, known as Nitric Oxide, can help restore many of these vital functions and processes. It’s presence in our body improves blood flow crucial to the healthy function of nearly every organ and tissue in the body. In fact, the discovery of Nitric Oxide’s role in cardiovascular was so revolutionary that it was awarded a Nobel Prize in Medicine in 1998. However, after age 40, most of us fail to produce enough nitric oxide..that’s where PRIME comes in.

PRIME is the most efficient and effective way to restore Nitric Oxide and improve blood flow.


“神奇分子”,抵禦老化。 我們大多數人都無奈的接受伴隨著年齡增長而來的許多現象——心臟疾病,記憶力衰退,精力不足,手腳冰冷,認知力減退和性能力下降的問題。事實是,一個神奇的分子,稱為一氧化氮,可以幫助恢復這些重要的功能並延緩衰老現象。 它存在於我們的體內,促進血液流動,使幾乎身體內所有的器官和組織發揮正常功能的關鍵。 事實上,發現一氧化氮在心血管疾病中的作用是具有創新性意義的,因而這項發現在1998年被授予諾貝爾醫學獎。然而,在40歲以後,我們大多數人不能自己產生足夠的一氧化氮。 這就是PRIME的發揮之處。 PRIME是恢復一氧化氮和改善血液循環最有效的方式。